"Is Your Pet's Food Taking Precious Years From Their Life"

"Discover The Evils of Processed Dog Food And Learn How To Add Years To Your Dogs Life"

"I Never Thought I Would Be Interested In Recipes for Dog Food!"

I know you must be a fellow dog lover!

I have to ask this, "Would you eat what you are currently feeding your dog?"

Yep....I didn't think so :)

I have 2 beautiful German Shepherds that are more like my kids than pets! One would eat anything in site.....the other, Bo, was very finicky.

We purchased the most expensive dog food recommended by the breeder and Bo would still go days without eating. Finally I dug in an did some research only to find out exactly how important it is for our canine friends to get the proper nourshiment from their food.

And guess what? ......commercially processed dog food doesn't always do the trick.

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I love my dogs and would do anything to help them live LONG and HEALTHY lives. The only way to do this is for them to get the proper nutrition and there is a lot you can do that isn't expensive.

As a Dog Lover, it is my goal to see that all dogs are properly cared for, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

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Remember, I'll share my experiences and resources. This will give you a quickstart for getting your dog healthy.....even if he/she doesn't look like they need help!

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