#1 Dog Food Recipe For Healthy Dogs (good for canine lymphoma too!)

This healing dog food recipe is awesome for all dogs… including those healing from canine lymphoma. Learn some dog health tips to keep your dog health up to par in an easy and manageable way. Diego is in remission from canine lymphoma and loving his new diet, including dog health supplements and vitamins. We share the #1 dog food recipe with you here. Don’t you want a healthy dog?

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12 Responses to #1 Dog Food Recipe For Healthy Dogs (good for canine lymphoma too!)

  1. bleedingxxaurora says:

    I’m glad to see Diego is doing fine :]
    Yesterday I discovered that may dog -may- have lymphoma, if not that then it is an infection.
    I’m glad to see that after giving her antibiotics it feels like the fatty tumors have gotten a tiny bit smaller and became much less firm.

    Are there any tips you could give to someone who is clueless what to do at a time like this?
    I’ll be getting the test results this Friday.

    Good luck Diego :]

  2. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora I m so sorry you are dealing with this. YES! there is so much you can do for your little friend in the meantime. Definitely watch the video I did on how to be an emotional support for your pet. It is at my site, kerrytepedino, and is titled “You Are An Emotional Sponge” What type of nutrition does your pet get?

  3. bleedingxxaurora says:

    It’s okay, I just got the call that she indeed does have lymphoma, it’s pretty heartbreaking.
    I saw that video and it did help quite a bit, we feed our dogs Cesar dog food, and their snacks vary but are always the type that support healthy joints and / or teeth.
    I just purchased K9 immunity but until I get it, I’d like to do whatever I possibly can.

  4. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora I am not sure what Cesar dog food has in it but what I have been studying is that many of the kibble foods have excessive fillers, such as corn and grains. This is not a good diet for our dogs… nor people, which is one reason that obesity has gotten out of control… processed foods are ridden with excessive corn, certain grains, and sugar that our bodies dont need.
    I suggest looking at the ingredients and try the recipe in the video. Diego is 40lbs and I make a new batch

  5. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora … new batch about every 5-6 days. Also, I am not putting any flea chemicals on his little bod anymore. I got an herbal flea collar by PetsGuard that has essential oils of citronella, lavender, calendula, and more. It seems to be working. And I made a spritzer of witch hazel, lemongrass, and eucalyptus that I spray on him and rub into his fur.

  6. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora There are different ways that lymphoma occurs: environmental, genetics, nutrition… best we do what we can. Make sure if your pet is outside, that he/she is not eating any of the weed killers, pesticides, antifreeze on the asphalt (I read this tastes sweet to them), etc.

  7. bleedingxxaurora says:

    I really appreciate all of this, I honestly do.
    Yeah, I just checked the ingredients and I think I’m going to go ahead and switch over to another meal choice, it contained quite a bit of carbs and wheat gluten, flour, etc.
    I’m definitely going to give your recipe a shot, not quite sure if we have a crock-pot, but I’ll go ahead and look for any other recipes that can be cooked in other ways.
    I’ve also heard of pet owners adding fishoil / sunflower oil.

  8. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora crockpots are cheap… it is worth buying one. fish oil is great. I am also looking into DHA (600 milligrams a day) which I think is from an algae source. An oncologist just told me it is even better than fish.

  9. NightClubc says:

    Best wishes for Diego….this was a helpful recipe kerry thanks…
    One question,can the meant just be lean ? or does it need to be super lean

  10. bleedingxxaurora says:

    So I’m finally going crock pot shopping!
    Which kind would you recommend for this?

  11. kerrytepedino says:

    @NightClubc You know I wasnt told specifics on lean or not. A friend of mine just told me that when she does the recipe her holistic vet gave her, she uses 16oz each of turkey, beef, and pork. She doesnt use chicken as she needs to feed her dog cooling foods according to her chinese holistic vet. I switch it up, one week I use turkey, one chicken, one beef, etc.

  12. kerrytepedino says:

    @bleedingxxaurora A basic crockpot will do. Doesnt have to be fancy at all. They are pretty cheap and seem to be pretty sturdy. I turn mine on before I go to bed so it is ready in the morning. It is pretty warm at that point, so I let the food cool down before serving. I will take out one portion size and put it in the freezer for a bit before feeding it to Diego for breakfast.

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