All-American Burger Dog! 4th of July Special

Learn how to make a Burger Dog! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more info…

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25 Responses to All-American Burger Dog! 4th of July Special

  1. RVFC2012 says:

    Did anyone else think this was going to be a hot dog, wrapped in burger

  2. Brianna Goodson says:

    stalactite! i remember because my elementry teacher always said
    “stalactites hold tight onto the ceiling! ” lol 

  3. yogertlvr says:

    I love making these, but I wrap in plastic and foil, bring to a boil and
    cook about 15 minutes. Then put on grill to get the good marks on it. MMMM
    Great vid and wonderful recipies.

  4. PaperViewed says:

    The way you can remember is
    Stalagmites have an M like mountains, that grow upwards.
    Stalactites have a T like tornadoes which come down.

  5. ham4fun says:

    i really like these videos. which to me is weird cause im a very picky
    eater. this burger is just bout the only thing you make that id at least

  6. Johnnyohness h says:

    Why is it so hard to make hot dog buns just like that. Soft and fluffy.

  7. Jenny Rollolazo says:

    I don’t even have to watch the video I already know it’s going to make my
    mouth water. But the videos are great (:

  8. masterbory says:

    It took you 3 videos to make me subscribe

  9. kuruptzZz says:

    lol I thought I made this up when I wanted a burger but had only hot dog

  10. J Sherm says:

    Shut your hole, Ketchup Boy!

  11. leoie firempong says:

    Omg no kidding,my mind is probably playing tricks on me but when the meat
    was grilling I could smell it through my screen ! We are already in 2075

  12. Raphael Idemudia says:

    4th of july Hotdog posted on canada day -_-

  13. Ray Hill says:

    way too slow

  14. Ruben Amaya says:

    The Hey Arnold! Burger

  15. Syaqila Rauf says:

    HE SAID ONE DIRECTION !! (dont hate me for saying this. i got too excited)

  16. Derrick Ayres says:

    And by the way guys, please measure accurately, don’t embellish… Haha. 

  17. Allison Manzino says:

    Hi CHef John,

    Great video! Thanks for being so descriptive. I am totally blind and i
    know exactly how you cooked the burger and more or less how it is shaped.
    Keep up the great work!


  18. moy bra says:

    .you know what ,sometimes i cannot find the bread for burgers ,so this is a
    very good idea …

  19. petroplovosk says:

    in Romania , we call that MICI! and we eat them with mustard and beer! we
    eat them on every holiday or special occasions! so that s not a burger,
    that s a MIC! and that s not American, actually is Turkish! Romanians
    learned this delicious dish during otoman ruling of Romania!

  20. Ceanford Ivan Samsin says:

    Thats sooooooo dilicious

  21. ilikethingsfromjapan says:


  22. Chen Ziyi says:

    Looking the way you cook.. its like having an orgasm in your mouth.

  23. bronzeownsu5 says:

    i tried this today and it was so gooood

  24. Ioannis Gkiokas says:

    How many times did you grind the meat?

  25. Khalid Harbi says:

    your channel gives me happiness, thank you so much and keep going 

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