Beef Stew – Dog Food

Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions Great deals on treats for your pet click HERE: Subscri…

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25 Responses to Beef Stew – Dog Food

  1. Super Cot says:

    First comment! (:

  2. Ariana Perez says:


  3. Jenna Sky says:

    First comment lol 7 viewed

  4. liban osman says:


  5. Bella's doggies says:

    Hmmmmm Beef Stew!

  6. jewelle browne says:

    Mmmmm looks yummy. I’m gonna make this for my dog :) 

  7. Petco says:

    This looks like a great recipe! 

  8. A. P. V. says:

    You should have stopped at meat, and maybe water.
    Don’t know what bouillon cubes do you have, but here even most adults don’t
    eat them because of how unhealthy they are.

  9. Leigh-Ann Mol says:

    Gosh, that’s funny

  10. ScarHydreigon87 says:

    Reminds me of those weimaraners

  11. Fion Lin says:

    Ugh kinda scary but cute :D 

  12. Vanessa Lopez says:

    Aww I love chef Poddle !!! a recipe with Chicken will be great Thank you
    !!! :D 

  13. Maja Grey says:

    Chef poodle, oh i’m in love! 

  14. mppaul cy says:

    Too funny

  15. GuardianBlackWolf13 says:

    Dog: MEAT! Yum! Puts veggies on top DOG: where the meat?

  16. Queenie Quartz says:

    Asparagus cake.

  17. Sylvira Roesli says:

    Make a beef noodle!!!!!!

  18. Berenice Bustos says:

    These videos are so funny and cute love the recipes for my four legged kids

  19. Sandra Beck says:

    Thanks for these videos! The recipes are really delicious! My dogs i love

  20. Hayley Minneweather says:

    Do more

  21. Elisa Eldridge says:

    Beef Stew – Dog Food:

  22. Brianna Matthews says:


  23. ScarHydreigon87 says:

    Dogs shouldnt be eating raw meat

  24. nasip kismet says:

    Heeyy I am an animal lover. I love all animals. I don’t value any specific
    animal above any other.I don’t like seeing an animal being a product for
    other animal.You must specialize on vegan options if your love of animals
    isn’t limited to just dogs or cats.

  25. KimchiDoesAnything says:

    Feel sooooo bad for the guy

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