Haul! Dog supplies! Food, Shampoo, Bones, Toys, etc!!

Little haul from! Featured products: Redbarn Chicken & Liver Recipe Dog Food Roll, 10.5-oz roll .64 Redbarn Beef Recipe Dog Food Roll, 10.5-o…

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18 Responses to Haul! Dog supplies! Food, Shampoo, Bones, Toys, etc!!

  1. Virginia DeSagun says:

    I use Cloud Star shampoo on my Yorkie and it’s AMAZING! 

  2. Stephanie McMullen says:

    <3 your haul videos! I will be trying out soon. So far I have
    been shopping on the pet flow flash sale site. It was nice seeing your dog
    park video too! There are a lot more people that go to the park where you
    live than here. Looked like your pooches loved it! :) 

  3. xoxoRomeo says:

    I shop on for my dog and I love it(:

  4. Ty Iwata says:

    Aww your cute doggies. They are so spoiled, but they deserve those goodies.

  5. Cassidy's dog channel! says:

    What was your total cost?

  6. Kathryn Tucker says:

    I shop at and and I love them both!

  7. Emma Dunne says: is great 

  8. Massimo Recupero says:

    You are so helpful

  9. Jason King says:

    We are very energetic with our dogs. We love to go hiking and walking. We
    also travel a lot.I found a great store crosspeakproducts.comfor active
    dogs and owners for every kind of dog supplies! making them feel like a
    part of our family!!

  10. Katie Vo says: is a very good site! Most of the other sites charge high shipping
    fees but Chewy gives a pretty low flat rate shipping

  11. Dahlia Bristow says:

    Appreciated the tip re:! I’ll be back for more haul vids. My
    best to your pups!

  12. Francy Martin says:

    I have been ordering off for about 2 years now. They have the
    BEST prices, the best food and my dogs love everything I have ever ordered!
    I am now on the 2 month automated shipping and you just can’t be the free
    delivery to your door! 

  13. Allison T. Price says:

    88% dog owners poisoning her puppy slowly everyday? Are you one?

  14. Lorna M says:

    Vic looks so much like my brothers dog Sonny

  15. Jack C. Proctor says:

    beautiful puppies :) 

  16. Erin Wright says:

    Any dog lover should be aware of the toxic dog foods out there if you’d
    like to span your dog’s life.

  17. Rita Whitford says:

    Awesome Video!!

  18. Alexandra Pittman says:

    Your dogs are so well behaved! My GSP would be jumping all over me lolz

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