Chicken or Beef Dog Biscuits Recipe

My Lexi Lou loved these. They have about a 3 month shelf life when using silica gel packs.

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11 Responses to Chicken or Beef Dog Biscuits Recipe

  1. Janie Pendleton says:

    Lexi loved this recipe I made up for her. Healthy for her too! Enjoy! Chef

  2. Wayne Meador says:

    I love this +Janie Pendleton, nicely done! :) 

  3. Lori Ebner says:

    Chef, is there a printable chicken or beef dog biscuit recipe. I would love
    to make them.

  4. Sarah Roth loves candles says:

    omg janie i love your dog i just got a new dog and her name is lexie to
    and she is a turkish akbash she is 2 years old the peopl did not have time
    for her and i will have to do this for my dogs i have 4 dogs

  5. Sarah Roth loves candles says:

    Janie i just made them for my 4 dogs to night they are nice and hard i
    love them i am going to make the pum pking ones for halloween they are the
    best treats i have made alot of work to cook but well worth it

  6. Andy Wan says:

    Nice recipe

  7. Rita Whitford says:

    Nice Video!!

  8. Kat Dupree says:

    Made the chicken and peanut butter dog biscuits for my dogs, and they LOVE
    them! I don’t think the treats lasted 1 month. It’s so nice to know what
    is in treats and I feel good about giving them to the dogs. Thank you so
    much for this recipe!

  9. Mark Marky says:

    Nice video!!!

  10. Grace Sellars says:

    I have a husky too. :D 

  11. North Arrow says:

    I have a Husky too! Nice recipe, about to try it out (:

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