Cooking with The Snow Dogs – BIRTHDAY CAKE for the Dog Homemade How to Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

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25 Responses to Cooking with The Snow Dogs – BIRTHDAY CAKE for the Dog Homemade How to Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

  1. kikicupcake1000 says:

    I was just watching your old channel that came around 8 years ago, I saw
    the last video saying you will no longer do the videos on there, it was sad
    but I like gonetothesnowdogs, withoutthesnowdogs, and arcadesnowdogs more.
    I hope shelby had a great birthday and eventually, u will do a cake recipe
    for memphis’s birthday

  2. Kalley Chong says:

    What did you use to write on the cake?

  3. Grace Denton says:

    Do you think I could just line a muffin pan and make cupcakes for my dog
    with this batter?

  4. Barry H says:

    That is so true she does sound like. Ellen!!!!!:):):):)

  5. Rachel Poon says:

    350 F or Celsius ?

  6. MonsterKitKat says:

    im gonna use your recipe for my dog oscar’s birthday on the 5th this month :) but i will add some stuff like milkbones and stuff so yes
    but great video ! :D its very helpful

  7. Pat Washum says:

    Happy belated birthday Shelby. You be gooood for your master cause her love
    y’all very much.

  8. Sandara BPT says:

    Well I loved your girls! <3

  9. Lara Dajani says:

    they are so cute

  10. Amanda Smith says:

    Can this also be feed to smaller dogs? I have two teacup yorkies >,<

  11. Amanda Smith says:

    Also what did you use for the letters?

  12. Bakabunny Prenques says:

    does your dogs ever get worms, cause they get them from eating human
    food….well i consider my dog a human, but they still have things they
    cant do

  13. Lilla Hazel says:

    Instead of baking soda can we use baking powder BTW there not the same

  14. hartaj randio says:

    I love your dogs eyes

  15. Jessazor says:

    Wow I just finished mine for my husky it’s his b day tomarrow^_^

  16. Texas Guns n' Ammo Channel says:

    neato – it’s my dog’s birthday so i’ll make this for her

  17. ChocolateWolfy says:

    Your dogs are the cutest little Babies! :3

  18. Sharon Lee Hudson says:

    Why is Oakley told sternly to get down but Memphis can get on the table? :-( 

  19. Sasha Kostyukov says:

    Now, I want to bake a cake for my dog!

  20. emorn biddle says:

    I saw you guys on”Bad Dog” the other day!!

  21. Cutestuffandstylish says:

    Could you make this cake without the peanut butter? My dogs birthday is
    coming up real soon and I thought It would be a cute idea to have a
    birthday party with all her dog friends with cake! But my older sister is
    anaphylactic to any nuts! Just wondering as this would be an awesome thing
    to make! :)

  22. Lynda Smart says:

    I’m ilergec to nuts is the peanut butter opsinal

  23. Lynda Smart says:

    For all ones with peanut butter

  24. Recipes.Math.Fun.Challenges says:

    Did anyone notice she is Doing a voice over video

  25. Vegan burger says:

    Why do you let memphis lift her paws on the table and nit oakley? Is it
    because otherwise we won’t see her?

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