DINNER IN A KONG Stuff’N Recipes | Homemade Dog Treats

Click Show More! Subscribe here: http://goo.gl/pAaAtT It’s time for a Kong Stuff’n Dog treat recipe! Support our work: https://www.patreon.com/gonetothesnowdogs *******Places to find us*******…

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25 Responses to DINNER IN A KONG Stuff’N Recipes | Homemade Dog Treats

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Hello #Pawdience Happy Monday! This weekend I made the dogs a special
    treat for dinner, so I thought I would share it with you!
    FOLLOW US – Twitter: http://goo.gl/Cw4Oek Instagram: http://goo.gl/76Q7ne
    Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulYHfj4sGJ4 Don’t forget to
    Like, Share, and Subscribe!
    #GonetotheSnowDogs #GTTSD #SiberianHusky #Husky #SnowDogs #CuteDogs #Dogs

  2. Rachel Rhino says:

    U should do the dog iq test with the girls!!!

  3. CreativePetKeeping says:

    I think this would be awesome after exercising a dog on a hot day as a way
    for them to cool off! I’m going to try this.

  4. jason4275 says:

    I wonder Instead of giving your dogs one treat at a time, can you train
    them with a KONG for good behavior, like to stop digging, tearing up
    furniture, or peeing in the house.

  5. Louie Roberts says:

    Would the girls take a kong over a plate of your food??

  6. Mara D. Rider says:

    How long does a kong usually last until you have to replace it?

  7. Lisa L says:

    Brilliant! I make your doggie treats all the time for my girl and she loves
    them! You guys are the best!!!

  8. AnimeLover05 says:

    This is perfect for my dog

  9. Martha Smith says:

    That seems like a great idea. also, did you get my package yet?

  10. Catherine Chartier says:

    How many cups of food do you feed the girls per day?

  11. Jessica Ding says:

    Where did u buy that kong?

  12. Alexus-Alicia Stone says:

    yay i love these videos :D yayayyayayya

  13. Jazzy Atienza says:

    I should do that! Since I do have a kong!

  14. Leftyloveshuskies says:

    After they got their Kong, that is the quietest the girls have ever been on
    a video

  15. Anastacia Burns says:

    Thank you so much for this! Lily the husky will love this!

  16. DimebagVision says:

    Shelby looked like she was in heaven!

  17. CrazyMonkeyGurl007 says:

    I love your kong videos so much!!! My big boy Tank is a purebread alaskain
    malamute and he loves theses sooooo much!!! 

  18. PrincessSerena91 says:

    Memphis definitely needs a kong upgrade XD

  19. Alexander Lawson says:

    I usually do this when I have a dinner party. My dogs get distracted and

  20. Shelby Chiba says:

    I want to do something special for my dog for his birthday he is turning 8
    yr old on July 4th do you have any suggusts please do a video about it. my
    dog’s name is Gimzo, and ofc im Shelby :D and pls tell you girl Shelby and
    Gimzo say hi

  21. lyra jean macalino says:

    you should bake cake for oakley in her birthday !!

  22. Kailas Rane says:


    I wanna ask you some questions.

    1. Does siberian husky need fully air conditioning room all day long or
    they can live without it.

    2. Do they live in a weather like in Mumbai.

  23. Zack Attack says:

    How often do you use the Kong’s and what sort of food do you put in them?
    Normal dog treats?

  24. Lily F says:

    I’m really upset Jessi,I missed the livestream and its my birthday :’(
    Could you please do another one this weekend? D:

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