Discover What Bad Dog Foods are Causing 87% of Canine Illnesses

CLICK HERE** 87% of canine illnesses caused by commercial dog food. Dog cancer symptoms are on the inc…

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25 Responses to Discover What Bad Dog Foods are Causing 87% of Canine Illnesses

  1. obeykid23 says:

    wow a baby dancing to beyonce has a 1,000,000+ views and this now has

  2. Lovedc7458 says:

    ill post it to my facebook cuz it’s very helpful.. Thank you for taking ur
    time to post it :)

  3. TheCakedecorator says:

    WOW! I am so sad to hear that they feed dogs cats and dogs who were put
    down at the shelter!! No wonder why they have such a quick turn around at
    shelters! :( They dont tell you its because they have an order to fill!

  4. pizzarece says:

    I still don’t understand why this video has so few views

  5. NatureSelectPets says:

    you should try our pet food… it’s all natural and organic :-)

  6. mandeeziee says:


  7. Chris Smith says:

    it would be nice if the link worked…was interested. but can’t buy
    anything if i can’t get to it?

  8. kyle king says:

    do some research, IAMS is horrible

  9. Chancellor Jenkins says:

    HOMEMADE IS THE BEST CHOICE!! I feed all of my dogs All Natural products.
    Especially dog treats. Genuine Delectables dog treats has no additives or
    preservatives. They are All natural and organic. Look them Up if you want
    your pup healthy without all these problems

  10. Vipstephen says:

    Define “research”, because it seems to me like something you classify as
    seeing on the internet.

  11. Steve Shepard says:

    Sell it, BABY!!!

  12. didenno says:

    I recently lost my beloved 14yr old jack russell after having cancer of the
    spleen, after watching this video, i feel i contributed to his death by
    giving him tinned pet food. If i ever do decide to get another dog, i would
    never give him these dangerous foods. Thanks for the warning

  13. TheGryfonclaw says:

    Euthanized cats and dogs ARE sent to rendering plants…but that doesn’t
    mean it’s going into pet food. Those rendered meals are used as fertilizers
    or sold to cosmetic companies. Not much better of course, but you’re simply
    drawing a conclusion that’s not necessarily true.

  14. Erika Bee says:

    im getting a dog thanks for me watching this i making my own dog food

  15. dewster85 says:

    The minute you started selling your book, and I seen some of the comments,
    this became an unreliable source to me. Thanks. Now it is harder for me to
    convince my parents that dog’s should eat “real food”, but they keep saying
    “dog’s eat dog food-not people food”!! Retarded. I am sick of this. Anyone
    else give me reliable sources to give to them so we can get these dogs off
    dog food and onto chicken breast and broccoli?

  16. judahbenhur1000 says:

    I guess Im going to have to tell my dog to start buying his own cigarettes
    for now on.

  17. HardlineAthiest says:

    The Vernon, CA Rendering Plant sells “Animal By-Product” to both Purina and
    Alpo, and includes euthanized dogs & cats obtained from Los Angeles
    municipal dog pounds, pet hospitals and vets. ALWAYS BURY pets on your own
    property, otherwise remains are ‘Sold As Render’ and wind up as an
    ingredient ‘Crude Protein’ found in many popular commercial brand pet
    foods. ‘Crude Protein’ turns our beloved pets into cannibals, triggering
    natural autonomic responses known to cause illness and premature death.

  18. blip789 says:

    Open source it, if you care as much as you say. All the best.

  19. Freemind Glory says:

    people are scared of the truth.

  20. Anastasia Leggett says:

    I just were researching for my science fair project until I found this
    video. Watch this video if you hwve a dog or cat and feed it dry food. I
    don’t care if it is long for a video, the facts are pretty good +

  21. Joseph Jessome says:

    Most city and municipal water supplies are fluoridate, chlorinated, etc.
    Would they not cause illness in dogs and pets?
    Many people have switched bottled water, but still give pets toxic water.
    I would like to know what 5 vaccines are considered safe?

  22. k9goodfood says:

    Contrary to popular belief, high protein dog food will not do any damage to
    the dog, irrespective of the age of the dog and the amount of activity the
    dog partakes in.

  23. Lauren Baeza says:

    +dewster85 Explain to your parents that dogs came from wolves and were bred
    into the domesticated awesomeness we have today. What do wolves eat? RAW
    MEAT! Now doggs have been domesticated and naturally have different
    nutritional needs than their ancestors but the more natural the better!
    They are no different than you and me. Would you or your parents eat fast
    food every day? Probably not. Commercial dog food companies find the
    quickest, easiest and cheapest way to make a product and sell it not caring
    about our fur buddies. There are lots of books like this one and their are
    lots of legit websites that offer great info on dog foods and the
    ingredients that are found in most big label foods. and
    the think that is what it’s called) it is true about
    vets. Most are taught by pet food reps and these reps are convincing. They
    walk into our clinic all the time. It’s a sick circle. They make cheap
    unhealthy food, pet has issues, drug companies profit from your sick pet,
    then they prescribe a special food for your pet that is supposed to make
    him feel better, then Rover develops more issues, back to the vet more meds
    more foods until Rover dies then your dog will possible be lunch for your
    next best friend. it’s sad but their is very little regulations when it
    comes to what goes in dog food, treats, vitamins etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  24. Mia Hurst says:

    Awesome video! I have the excellent news for all the dog owners: It is
    possible to make your dog stay longer to 8.3 years by changing the meals
    they eat.

  25. Noreen M. Luna says:

    If you like to keep your dog safe and healthy, you must know how to pick
    the best dog food to match your dog’s needs.

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