Discussing Questions And Answers About Allergen Free Dog Food Recipes

William asks…

what is better blue buffalo or dick van pattens?

ok i have a pit bull with allergies to food went through all the bads the goods the uglies the whole nine yards lol but anyways i tried him on blue buffalo fine then dick van pattens fine but i just wanted someones opinion on this which one is better for him with his food allergies and plus i have other dogs i have to also trade over to this food just because i prefer they all eat the same thing easy for me and easy for them
im sorry i didnt know they would block that out its just a name lol but anyways its natural balance diet
ok well looks like im going to dick van pattens natural balance diet i kinda figured it would out weigh the blue buffalo even though they are both good foods lol i just hate seeing my dog have allergic reactions plus the pattens can be fed to pups and adults which saves me even MORE money thanks so everyone

Jimmy answers:

In my opinion, dick van patten’s natural balance is an excellent dog food. I like the formulas with sweet potato (they are allergen free). Even though potato is listed first then the meat sources, i like the balance of protein and fat. (my dog can’t handle a high percentage of protein.) the sweet potato recipes would be better for your dog with allergies.

Blue Buffalo is great too. The regular formulas have more grains like oatmeal and barley, which may not be so good for a dog with bad allergies. The blue wilderness variety is better because it doesn’t have any grains, but it should only be fed to working or very active dogs because the protein is 38% compared to the protein of natural balance at 20%. That’s a big difference.

Michael asks…

One year old with milk protein allergy!?

My son was just diagnosed with milk protein allergy. I have searched and searched for healthy food for him and I am coming up with just a few options, we have switched to soy milk and I am just asking anyone that has been through this with help on exactly what to look for in foods like whey, casine, is those the only ones or is there more? Any helpful recipes for meals? I feel like my back is up to the wall I am trying to introduce table foods and I feel like there is not much out there with out the milk products. He loves fruits and veggies but I want to be able to feed him a well balanced diet. Any advice is appreciated, thank-you in advanced.
We have an apointment with the nutritionalist but it isn’t for another two weeks. I need somthing until then I can’t keep feeding him fresh fruit and veggies for a week straight. But thanks for the help.
We are no longer on formula!

Jimmy answers:

My daughter whom is now nine just outgrew her milk protein allergy that she had from birth so I want you to know that there is hope. Shopping was not easy in the past for us. It would take me about atleast two hours to buy groceries because I needed to check every label. Here are some things that I found okay and not okay:

Friehoffers Bread does not have lactic acid or anything in it. You need to check the breads because many of them have lactic acid or whey.

Lunch meats: Be careful because many of these have lactose, lactic acid, or sodium lactate in them.

Hot dogs: Nathan’s Brand was alright.

He should be able to eat any fresh organic meats… Not processed.

Crackers, saltines, wheat crackers, are alright.

My daughter liked the Uncrustables PB and Jelly sandwiches in the frozen section.

Waffles: The Van’s Brand are wheat and milk free.

Enjoy Life makes a line of baked goods that are milk free (as well as free of most common allergens). My daughter loved the Chocolate Chip Cookies (there is not any chocolate in them really just cocoa no milk).

Most pastas are fine, but look at the sauces (Hunts is alright except for the cheese one).

Stop and Shop sells milk free mac and cheese. It is the Road’s End brand. It says right on it dairy free. She did not like it much…said it tastes funny, but all kids are different.

Toffuti brand makes soy cheese, ice cream, pizza, yogurt, and even ice cream sandwiches. My daughter loved the ice cream sandwiches.

She would be most upset about birthday parties. She would go and watch all the other kids eat cake and ice cream. I would send her with some cookies, and toffuti ice cream. That was hard for her.

When we made pizza I would use an English Muffin…put some spaghetti sauce on it, and top it with a couple pieces of Toffuti cheese. She liked this. The toffuti brand is high in calcium. For soy milk she liked the Eight Continent, or Silk Vanilla Kids milk the best. The Kids Milk is fortified with the extra calcium, vitamins, and minerals that growing bodies need.

Organics cost more, but they are better for children with allergies. They have less ingredients which is a good thing. We used to go to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods markets. There was a lot there that she could eat. Hannaford’s has a whole new line of Organics that are good for children with allergies (still check labels), and are cheaper than at the Health Food Stores.

Even with these ideas, I know that shopping will still be hard. It can get frustrating, but there is no way around it without reading labels each time you go shopping, because the companies have been known to change ingredients….

I hope that one day like my daughter your child will be able to outgrow it eventually. They did the RAST blood test, and a skin prick test twice just to make sure. They sent her to a hospital almost two hours away to make sure. She did outgrow it, but now does not even really like cheese. She will drink milk, but not plain. She got so used to soy.

Sandra asks…

Should I stop dairy all together?

I have pinpointed that I have an allergy to dairy proteins. Every time I have dairy (amount varies) I get a sinus headache, sinus congestion, brain fog, teary or strained eyes, and I overall feel lethargic. Dairy is in just about every recipe known to man though and eating out has been very difficult (not just restaurants but also at friends’ houses). Should I quit the dairy all together? Or should I just have anti-histamines and ibuprofen ready at all times?

I also went on a gluten free diet since April because of chronic acid reflux, heartburn, puking, and overall intestinal discomfort (I’m guessing inflammation). Should I keep gluten grains out of my life too?

I have no health insurance so getting medically tested for allergies/intollerances is not an option. However, in 2006 I had blood work done and according to the tests, I have no food allergies. Not sure how accurate that blood panel is though…
Lactose (the sugar) intolerance is a digestion problem resulting in bloating, flatulence, and rectal burning. I get that too. But this is all head, sinus, and cognitive related (I get brain fog). I have reason to believe this is something else than lactose intolerance.

Jimmy answers:

Some general thoughts:

1. If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, don’t ditch the milk.

2. You sound lactose intolerant. It’s very possible that you developed this intolerance since 2006

3. Maybe there is some other allergen (i.e. Cats, dogs, dust) in your environment that is triggering your constant allergy symptoms?

4. If your body can’t stand Lactose OR Gluten, you may have bigger problems than you think, maybe even C Diff.

5. I’ve followed your questions, and you are one anxious guy. It may be that your high anxiety has rendered you into a constant state of anxiety, triggering other health problems.

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