Discussing Questions And Answers About Allergen Free Dog Food Recipes

Mark asks…

Dog food and allergies?

My dog is eating Hills prescripton z/d ultra allergen-free dog food. It is very expensive and only available through the vet. Is there anything comparable that I can buy at the pet store?

Jimmy answers:

My parents have a dog who has allergy problems. They feed him- I think the name on the bag is Nutri-One. It’s something that Purina puts out.

If that doesn’t work, there are a number of good dog food recipes that you can actually make yourself at home: A lot of these were discovered or made public after the dog food scare with the tainted chow.

Paul asks…

Adopted dog, severely underweight.?

I have recently rescued a dog, and her previous oweners neglected and beat her. She is about a year and a half, wolf husky mix. She is very friendly and gets along well with my two other dogs. However she is skiddish and very underweight. What are some healthy ways i can fatten her up?
I feed all my animals Wellness and Innova, but she hasn’t gained much in the past few days. Like i said she is only a year and half but has already had two litters. Im wondering if that is effecting her weight.

Jimmy answers:

Feeding double the bag recommendations of a high quality food 3-4 times a day. You may even want to try grain free.
Satin Balls are another option (google for a 1000 recipies) but I dislike that they have so many common allergens in them.

Quality foods:
Natural Balance
Nature’s Variety
Blue Buffalo
California Natural
Pet Promise

Low Quality (generally):
Science Diet
Ol Roy

Edit: Unless it’s a super recent litter, no, it should not be affecting her weight, assuming she has been cleared by a vet and the weight issue has been directly addressed. Not a general wellness exam, but the weight issue DIRECTLY discussed.
Satin Balls shouldn’t lead to pancreatitis and are for supplemental feeding only. Only a few balls a day should be fed.
The recipes usually include wheat, which is a common allergen for dogs, so it doesn’t work for a dog that’s dealing with food allergy. You can attempt to use rice instead, but exaciated dogs sometimes have problems with ANY grain.
Beef can also be a common allergy, but you easily use organic small farm ground turkey or Bison instead.
My recent foster was very very skinny when we got him. We fed 5 cups high quality food split between 3 feedings and eventually added some digestive aids to help him make more use of the food. We use Plant Enzymes & Probiotics by Animal Essentials. Http://www.animalessentials.com/#products:63 because it has the probiotics in it. Prozyme is another option.

James asks…

Are there ways to help prevent ear infections in dogs? ?

My floppy eared dog has cronic ear infections. What are some things that I can do to help prevent them.
Thanks so-far everyone!! Just a few more details… I do take her to the vet every time. I don’t take chances and try to do it myself. I am just trying to look for ideas so they are not so frequent. She has had 8 ear infections in the last year. They are sometimes yeast infections. I make her own food due to her many food allergies. Her current diet consists of Chicken breast, brown rice, green beans and carrots. I only feed her apple slices, hard boiled eggs or raw carrots for a treat. So, maybe she is getting too much chicken…I’ll switch it up and try lamb or hamburger next time I make it. I also feed her about a half of cup of plain yogurt every other day to help with the yeast.

I try to keep her ears dry (when she comes in and it’s raining, I wipe them down with a dry towel). I rarely clean her ears on her Vets advice. He too stated that over cleaning them can cause problems.

Again, thanks for the advice. I am just trying to find ways to prevent them. I hate that s

Jimmy answers:

I second the view the ear infections are often immune system reactions due to either food intolerance or allergies.

Constant ear infection is not normal.

You don’t mention what food you feed – some things to consider:
– proteins are more often the problem – so if you feed chicken based diet – switch to lamb, venison or beef
- cheap food is never good. Forget grocery store brands and consider grain free diets (FROMM makes a good one)
- ideal world – feed your dog organic raw diet

Antibiotics are not good for long term infection. Cleaning them won’t prevent infection and can actually make it worse (secondary infection).
I would suggest raw hamburger, do NOT cook it and I would go easy on the beans and carrots. Honestly, they dont’ need many veggies – about 1/4 cup for a large dog like yours per day is enough per day. Make sure you cook them (steamed is ideal) – I personally don’t like giving raw veggies although I know some do.

I too feed raw apples – and nothing wrong with eggs. I have also found raw lamb chops a good option and I always give my dogs raw knuckle soup bones (do NOT cook these as they will splinter).

Bones are cow hocks – buy at least as big as your fist and start slowly if your dog has not had before – dog need calcium and these bones are great happy meals for dogs – but too much fibre at once can give them a tummy ache.

I do find chicken to be a problem in my Doberman – and regardless of quantity or cooked or raw – so I just don’t feed it.

I also use homeopathics – but if you are new to this, it seems intimidating (or maybe hokey).
Anyway, If you get tired of having your vet give you scripts for drugs that never work, here is another option.
It is a book worth buying written by a holistic vet – I’ve had his books for 20 years and never tire of them – a very good reference and emergency guide for $15 – he gives lots of recipes for sick dogs and some specific remedies for things like ear infections and other common doggie problems.

Its been a lifesaver for me.


Last comment: If the dogs ears are inflamed – fast her for a day. Then begin an elimination diet to see if you can isolate if the problem is food.

Start with your brown rice on day 2 – nothing else. (except water)
Try the rice for at least 2 days.
Ideally by day 4 you should see your dog’s condition improved or even healed.

If you see SOME improvement, you know you are on the right track. Then you can try adding hard boiled eggs – to rice.

Do this for a couple days.

I would add the raw burger next, and then wait for about 1 week – ideally if the dogs condition has reversed and healed you know you can go forward.

Add new foods sparingly, one at a time, and monitor for a few days to see.

I have found if the allergen is removed completely for a period of days- then reintroduced, the dog will IMMEDIATELY begin showing symptoms (scratching followed by inflammation ).

If that happens, immediately note that food is not tolerated and eliminate it permanently .

Good luck
Dogs need 6x the calcium as humans – you don’t mention a calcium source in your diet plan. Raw soup bones are perfectly balanced for this (calcium /phosphorous ratio). I prefer bones to pills -calcium carbonate is not easily assimilated and your dog would need ALOT of it.
Sorry – last add. Fasting is fine for dogs of good weight and not suffering from wasting diseases (like cancer). Assuming your dog is otherwise healthy and a good weight – its a great way to detoxify and sort out her diet problems.

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