Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Joseph asks…

Am I the only one who cries when the ASPCA commercial comes on?

Whenever that ASPCA commercial comes on I always cry. You know, the commercial where they have that depressing song on and pictures of abused puppies and kitties. I always break out
into tears. Does anyone else do that?

Jimmy answers:

That commercial is B.S. Makes me think of animals as pathetic things. I don’t need my heart strings pulled, and any organization that does that crap should be ignored. Find a good breeder. Buy a kitten that has been cared from from a loving person. That is my reply to ASPCA. I don’t want some pathetic throwaway, which is EXACTLY what they portray those animals as.
I’m not upset with the poor critters, just don’t like the presentation. Anyone that tries to guilt you into getting a pet is just deplorable.

Carol asks…

Question about adopting from aspca or any other animal shelter?

What happens after I adopt a dog from ASPCA? I heard from my brother that they will check up on me monthly if i adopt from any animal shelter. I am not worried but it kind of feel weird to be carefully watched.

Jimmy answers:

I know for a fact that at the Shelter I volunteer at, no checks are done once the dog leaves the facility. They don’t have the time, money or staff for anything like that. They are so swamped with new dogs they are trying to find responsible home for no thoughts are given to the ones that just left!

So don’t worry, it’s not Big Brother looking over your shoulder. Go and adopt a dog and enjoy it.

Best wishes

Donald asks…

Where can I find numbers and statistics about the ASPCA?

I am looking for statistics on the number of animals the ASPCA saves, the number of volunteers, anything to better describe how the ASPCA benefits neglected animals.
Thank You!

Jimmy answers:

Go to


Good luck!

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