Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Michael asks…

Can the ASPCA force a dog owner to put an old dog to sleep?

My friend has a 15 year old dog, the dog has bad arthritis. He does not walk much anymore. She keeps him comfortable and treats him very well. The dog eats and sleeps well. She took him to a Veterinarian to examine him and to get some pain medication, The Vet threatened to report her to the ASPCA, she is forcing my friend to put her dog to sleep, but she is not ready for it. The Vet told her she has 5 days to put the dog to sleep, is this legal? Would my friend be forced to put her beloved dog to sleep.?

Jimmy answers:

They cannot physically force the owner to put the dog to sleep, but they can get there in a round-a-bout kind of way.

IF the SPCA feel that keeping the dog alive is cruel (which they wil do if the vet has already recommended the animal be euthanised), then they will seize the animal and take ownership of it, then put it to sleep.

So basically, if your friend does not have their dog PTS in the next few days, the vet will join forces to take the dog away.

Susan asks…

Does all of the money from ASPCA go towards the sick and abused animals?

I really want to donate to the ASPCA, but my parents want to look into how much money actually goes towards the animals first. Does all of it? Most of it? Say I donated $25 a month. How much would actually go towards the animals? Please try to be as exact as you can. If you are not exact, just around the right answer. Please help!
(Go to www.myASPCA.org to find out more information on what it is)

Jimmy answers:

I would say you would be lucky if half of the money you donate actually goes to the animals. Why not find a local rescue to donate to? That way you will know for sure the money is going towards the animals. Go to www.petfinder.com to find rescues near you.

Ruth asks…

What exact anesthesia does the ASPCA give to dogs during the spaying/neutering process?

My Beagle is getting spayed tomorrow and I want to know what they’re giving her. Thanks.

Jimmy answers:

It likely varies between locations, some ASPCA shelters have better funds than others and can afford to use better anesthesia. So it’s best to call and ask, and make 100% sure that they’re steering you straight especially if there’s a certain drug that your dog can’t have.

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