Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Laura asks…

Why do people donate to the ASPCA?

When I see an ASPCA commercial asking for donations I get sick inside. Why would people donate to help abused animals when there are children in Africa dying of hunger. Certainly human lives should be more valued to us then animal’s safety. These are sick, diseased, and hungry kids and adults in Africa.
Is there someone who can explain to me why they donate to the animals instead of the humans.
I’m sorry if I offended someone I’m just trying to show people that human LIVES are more important than animal’s safety.

Jimmy answers:

In what way are animals not important? Pain and suffering that humans feel are the same as animals. They feel pain from abuse and hunger is the same way you would feel it. I guess the logic behind it is that domestic animals need help from humans. Humans can take care of themselves because they know what they need to do. Domestic animals simply cannot live without humans. Also peple help animals because they live without greed, and they aren’t murderers like humans are

Susan asks…

Would it be weird to wear an ASPCA shirt?

It says ASPCA kinda smallish at the bottom. I mean I love animals and am against animal abuse, but they have such sad commercials. I don’t want to be a downer, or have people thinking I’m a radical animal rights activist. But it is a cute and fun shirt. Should I buy it?

Jimmy answers:

You should buy it! It doesn’t seem weird at all, everyone loves animals and it’s a great way to promote no animal abuse. The shirt seems really cute and not sad at all, to me the shirt sounds cheerful because there is still hope for animals to find a nice home. Btw which store did you find it at? I might want to buy one for myself. I hope I helped and I hope you decide to buy the shirt. :)

Michael asks…

How do I donate to the ASPCA, and what can I donate?

Like towels, money, food, I want to help out! What can I give them, and how? And I don’t know of any rescues or shelters in my area, so please don’t say to donate something to my nearest shelter.

Thanks!!! ♥
Somehow I knew somebody was going to make a comment about my name in this question, I just knew it.

Jimmy answers:

Great job Erin!!! Here, this might help.

Give whatever your heart desires!


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