Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Sharon asks…

(Part 4 of 5 pregnancies ) I also have a 11 year old male dog unneutered whose very healthy ?

My male dog’s name is Rock I adopted him from the aspca in NYC.I didn’t have him neuterd, and he Did go through a bad period. Eventually nature took it’s course(around 4 years old), and now he’s calm, gentle & mild tempered. He came first so he has his own room within the house. During the second week of her cycle I lock him in his room, and she has free roam( his room is big and has everything he’ll need and more)of the house. I have know problem finding people who want her pups. In fact, I already have people waiting on her next litter, which I thought wouldn’t be until the end of next year. Like I said before, I’am gonna abort this pregnancy because I was taken back with the forth, let alone a fifth. I assure you my dogs are fine. They get the best care of any dogs I know. I’AM a responsible owner. I pay for the first year shots, for all of the “unwanted” dogs. I even do a house checks. So cut me some slack, I’m a new breeder and I’ll try to take care of my “mistakes”.

Jimmy answers:

Breeders do not breed mixed breeds dogs. Thats called being irresponsible. The aspca also requires you to alter you pet, nice to know you ignored that and made more unwanted puppies. Grow up, and quit posting here. You’re just angry because everyone here sees you for the moron you are.

Laura asks…

What organizations or causes do you support?

Me, the ASPCA. American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Jimmy answers:

My daughter had cancer as a child. Give Kids the World is my favorite charity. I also give to Children’s Miracle Network, Wishing Star, Make-a-Wish, and St. Baldrick’s. Anything that helps local children with cancer. The social worker at the cancer treatment center always knows who needs help.

Susan asks…

ASPCA charity, need to know revenue they give to helping animals?

I am trying to donate to the ASPCA charity, but i don’t know what percentage of the revenue goes to helping the animals, and what goes to salary, PLZ HELP

Jimmy answers:

Not sure.. I use to work at a local shelter, an SPCA in Canada…
Our salaries were covered by city funding so the money raised went 100% to the pets.. There was no administration costs..
Even so if you are paying salary for people working directly with the pets you are helping the pets.. Paying for office/administration people is not the same.

You can always buy things that the shelter needs if you are concerned.. Things would be cat food (unless they get it donated by food companies)..

I donated $300 to a local shelter once with the specification that it went towards spaying adult female cats so more would get adopted.

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