Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Mandy asks…

How can i donate to the aspca?

Im 15 and i dont have a credit card. I saw the commercial and it breaks my heart. I love animals and no animal should go through cruelty. so how can i donate without a credit card? BTW is a 50$ donation a good help?

Jimmy answers:

Fifty dollars is a wonderful donation from a 15 year old! You are a very kind person.
You can send the check (ask your parents to write out the check or go get a money order or cashiers check at the bank)
ASPCA Member Support,
110 Fifth Avenue,
2nd floor,
New York, NY 10011.

Charles asks…

what are good questions I can ask to the aspca about animal cruelty?

for school i am doing a project so i need a little help on asking the aspca some questions about animal cruelty

Jimmy answers:

1. What exactly is animal cruelty? (For instance, beating a cow with a whip is cruelty, but killing it for food is not … What are the rules?)
2. What are the legal penalties? (they’ll vary state to state)
3. How and to Whom should cruelty be reported?
4. What are the most common offenses, and how many cases of animal cruelty are prosecuted annually? (Nationally? In this State/County?)

Linda asks…

I want to donate to the ASPCA but I was wondering what percentage of the money goes directly to animals?

Or how much goes to the organization itself or individuals?

Jimmy answers:

81% of the money donated to the ASPCA goes directly to helping animals. 17% goes to raising funds (TV ads, charity events, etc) and only 2% goes to administrative costs (paying administrators, etc). The ASPCA is one of the top-rated animal charities in the US.

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