Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Carol asks…

What should I do about my neighbors who continue call the ASPCA?

My neighbors have called and reported me to an A.S.P.C.A branch in Ohio two times now. It regards the seven miniature horses that I am currently boarding for an owner that moved in from the south. I have had bad experiences with them in the past, but this seems totally wrong. The ASPCA has been to my house 2-3 times with the owner to look at the problems. The first time she reported a minor flaw in the shelter in which they don’t use, ever. The problem was corrected immediately. Now my neighbors and the ASPCA have informed us that they report us for abusing the animals everyday. We have considered different ways to get them to stop, but have never gotten serious about a particular approach. I can assure that no matter how many times the ASPCA comes and inspects us, they will never report anything. Please anyone suggest anything that I can do to stop these people. I’ll try to update with any further information.

Jimmy answers:

Seems to me that you should ask the ASPCA to write a letter stating that they were called and found no problems, and that they have been called repeatedly in spite of this. If it’s in writing, I imagine you could take that to the police and complain about harassment.

Paul asks…

what is the washington state equivilant to new yorks aspca?

i want to work for the aspca but there doesnt seem to be a chapter in washington state. Is the animal shelter the only alternative ?

Jimmy answers:

I found one in central Washington. Go to this link : www.yakimahumane.org and see if they can help you find one closer to you. I guess because in Washington things are so spread out they have them by county and areas. Good luck!

Helen asks…

How do I get the ASPCA license plate?

I want to get one of the ASPCA license plates for my car (with the cat and dog with a heart in the middle) How/Where do I get one?
I live in Texas.

Jimmy answers:

We don’t have one in Arizona. Why do you assume we all know where you are?????

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