Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Susan asks…

How do you become an animal cop like ASPCA?

I’ve watched the search and rescue shows of animals cops and this is what I would like to do as a career. I just don’t know how to do get there. What college education do I need?

Jimmy answers:

It is HIGHLY competitive and a lot of the people there did not start out with the intention of ending up where they are today, many have a background either in veterinary care or in the police force. I would aim to have a background in veterinary nursing, aim for that as you’re more likely to get a job there, and make good contacts with your local ASPCA, then if you hear of an opening for an officer you’ll have a foot in the door! And with the vet care background you’ll have a tough enough stomach to handle the situations you may come across.

If you went down that route you will need good grades in all three sciences (chemistry and biology the most important) and maths.

Maria asks…

Why are some ASPCA dogs and cats on their website taken off?

I’ve seen lots of cats and dogs taken off their website. Why is that? Were they already adopted without the “ADOPTED” banner on the side of their pictures?

Jimmy answers:

That’s what happened with my dog. Once we adopted him, the rescue took him off. They didn’t put any banner on his picture.

Could also be those dogs and cats were euthanized after not being adopted out after a certain amount of time.

Sandy asks…

What is the best dog to get from the ASPCA?

We were thinking of a German Shepherd or Rottweiler because they are good dogs. WE WILL NOT GET A PITT BULL! Sorry to Pit Bull lovers butt they can turn on you in a flash. So PLEASE answer!

Jimmy answers:

I have had pitbulls since I was a kid, I have been bitten 3 times b a dog. Guess what I got bite once by a chihuahua and twice by a German shepherd and 1 of the times he was in my yard. Any dog can attack, or bite as long as they have teeth in their mouth they can bite you.

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