Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Linda asks…

Would the ASPCA be considered a Volunteer Organization?

I have to do a report on a time when volunteers made a difference, and I would say some time the ASPCA made a difference. And if you have a good idea for any time when the ASPCA helped a lot, it would be nice if you could include that in your answer. Thank you!!!

Jimmy answers:

Call your local ASPCA and ask if they involve volunteers. If they do, ask how many volunteers they have, versus paid staff. If they have more volunteers than paid staff, you can call them a volunteer organization.

Any organization where the majority of services are delivered by volunteers can be called a volunteer organization, even if there is paid staff at the organization. Girl Scouts and Red Cross chapters can be called volunteer organizations, for instance.

Mark asks…

Does anyone know of a Japanese version of the ASPCA?

My wife and I want to donate to help people and animals in Japan but I’m afraid to donate to an animal shelter or organization I’ve never heard of. Does anyone know of a large group, like the Humane Society or ASPCA, that specializes in helping animals in Japan?

Jimmy answers:

To my knowledge, there isn’t one. However you can look into the shelters they have set up for the now familyless animals.

Betty asks…

I Want to be a lobbyist and work for corporations like the aspca?

Where do i start? Some have said become a lawyer, which sounds nice to me, but what do i do. Play by play! lol :) I do not even know what to get my bachelors in. i.e. I want to work with the media just as much as politicians. Both are equal. I would love to help market to the media, as well as work with the politicians. HELP!

Jimmy answers:

I would suggest working as press assistant or communications director in the government or on the Hill. Like the other guy said, most lobbyists first have to pay their dues and work for the government before they transfer to a private company. However, there are people who did not do it that way (like me, I went directly from grad school to corporate lobbying) and associations are more flexible about their lobbyist. Keep in mind though that association and no-profit lobbyists make less money that corporate lobbyists, if you’re in it for that. As for your degree, I would pursue political science and perhaps a communications undergrad, or vice versa. Also, you DO NOT need to be a lawyer to be a lobbyist!

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