Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Steven asks…

can the aspca or some other animal hospital or something come and pick up the stray cats outside my house?

if so, can i get a link?

Jimmy answers:

Call your local animal control division. They should have traps .

Chris asks…

How old do you have to be to work at the ASPCA or to just volunteer?

i’m going to be 14 soon, and i’m wondering if i’m allowed to work/volunteer there yet? and are there any ASPCA center in brooklyn NY ?

Jimmy answers:

Hey, you have to be 16 years or older. And if you are under 18, there are still limitations. So looks like you are going to have to wait a couple of years.
Plus, I checked on their site and all their volunteer positions are jam packed! They are not accepting any applications at this point! And I have been waiting FOREVER to be older enough to volunteer :(

There is a center in brooklyn btw.

ASPCA is a very popular organization and many people apply to volunteer. When you submit an application it is not guarunteed that you will get a spot since it is competitive. It is best to have some previous volunteer work experience, so they are more likely to pick you.
Prospect Park is the only organization that I know of in Brooklyn that takes volunteers 14 and up. So look into that at www.prospectpark.com
There are many more in Manhattan such as the Hale House Center, Digital Club house network, Central Park Conservancy, Bowery Mission, Association to Benefit Children all accept applicants 14 and up. Google them for more info. But your options open up a lot more when you are 16.
Also joining clubs and activities at your school will help.

In the end all this helps with your college applications. And when you are a Junior in highschool like me, you will want that! Good luck:)

Linda asks…

What kind of cat food brand does most animal shelters, like ASPCA use?

I’m asking this because I recently adopted two 8 weeks old kittens that don’t like the dry or wet food I bought for them. I’m curious as to what brand would most ASPCA shelters use to feed their cats. If anyone works for ASPCA, volunteers there or would simply know what brand any kitten would love to eat, please help give me some answers. I really am going to need to have an idea of what to feed my kittens next. Thanks to all serious answers! :)

Jimmy answers:

A lot of will use what is donated, but the shelter I have been to use Science Diet.
What kitten food are you feeding them now, or trying to feed them?
If I may I’d like to make a recommendation on kitten food for you. You should try putting them on Blue Buffalo, Innova, or another natural cat food that is corn, wheat, and soy free. As well as no by-product meals, and no preservatives. That way your kittens are getting real meat and natural ingredients full of what they need to grow and develop.

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