Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Sandra asks…

Does anyone have the insurance from ASPCA that was advertised on a coupon at RAINBOW FOODS?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the insurance from ASPCA. A coupon was given at RAINBOW FOODS for a promotion. I was wondering if it is any good. OR, does anyone have the ASPCA insurance? Or the Banfield Insurance from PetSmart?

Thanks! =D

Jimmy answers:

Have the Wellness plan from Banfield. We have two small dog a yorkie and a chihuahua, Love this plan, if there is the slightest suggestion that there is problem we go to the vet. No cost of office visits. Lady was on the plan as a puppy it paided for her spay, and all her shots. When the dogs need shots there is not question they go and get them, we don’t worry about the cost, there is none.

I’m not a big fan of all Banfield vets but if you can find one you like get your dogs on this plan. It really pays for it’s self 10 fold. We love Dr. R and would never change vets the wellness plan is great.

David asks…

do those ASPCA commercials with sarah McLaughlin make you want to abuse animals?

they play them each commercial break, and that womans voice is like idiotic nails scraping on a plate of pure stupid.

i want to buy kittens, bloody them and chuck them through her windows.
wow thats witty
kyle: no, mangina, you are not correct.

i guess when you become a castrated BEEYOTCH you lose your sense of humor.

how sad.

Jimmy answers:

No, I can’t say I’ve ever had much interest in hurting things that never did me any wrong or are far weaker than I am. Especially when it’s not them who are causing your annoyance.

You want someone to pay for annoying you with those anti-animal abuse commercials, maybe you should kill Sarah McLaughlin. At least that would make the commercials stop. At least, that’s what a rationally thinking person would conclude.

I’m guessing you’re one of those guys that has punched holes in a wall when you’re mad, despite the fact that it is not the wall that is p*ssing you off. Am I right? Please tell me.

EDIT: Awwe, somebody doesn’t take personal criticism from an anonymous avatar very well, does he? Let’s try and keep things in perspective here pally, you’re the one talking about hurting animals for no damn reason. If I’m curt with you on the topic, it’s because I’ve seen far too many cases of animal abuse while I used to work at a shelter, it is a very, VERY ugly reality for me.

Mark asks…

What does the ASPCA do for animals who can’t be adopted?

I’m watching animals cops right how and they’re describing how like out of 90 cats (rescued from a hoarder) only one is suitable for adoption. I just wonder since if all the others were considered unsuitable or feral, what do they do with them? Do they kill them? Do they put them in the wild?
I think the prospect of those sick animals dying because of some sick person who didn’t take care of them right is downright inhumane.

Jimmy answers:

Yes, sadly they put them down with lethal injections but this is far more humane than letting them roam the streets all sick, cold, hungry and miserable.

Feral cats, dogs and other pets cannot survive in the wild. Over the process of selective breeding for domestication, they have lost many of the traits that allow them to survive in the wild. And if some manage to escape and survive, they may cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.

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