Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Mandy asks…

Thinking about getting a cat from the ASPCA, what would the typical set up cost for a new kitten in the house?

cat adoption is $75

Poo Box – $10 – $15

Food – $7

Toys – $10

Shots – ????

Anything else – ??????

Note – I have a 13 year old chihuahua/boston terrier mix, she is fine with pups and kittens, but doesn’t do well with adults. I will get a kitten, so that won’t be a problem, but is there anything else I should be careful of when sharing a place with them?
not a bad idea, but she doesn’t have buldge eyes. She looks like a miniature greyhound with large pointed ears, but is stocky instead of frail.

Jimmy answers:

Personally I would budget a lot more for food, you want to feed quality food http://www.nutroproducts.com/ncccprod.shtml

also make a savings account for your animals, put $5-$10 a month in it for emergencies. So if anything ever happens to one of your animals you know you will have some money and your animal can get the care it needs.

John asks…

What pacific price’s for what at the aspca?

I mean like this:
They have all those and more
I mean specific i need to no about how much horses are there i need to know
pleas take the time to search, i could not find any info:-( If you realy care i live
in houston,texas

Jimmy answers:

The ASPCA doesn’t operate any shelters in Houston. As far as I know, the ASPCA’s only shelter is in New York City. However, there are several shelters in Houston run by other entities. Here’s information on the adoption costs at a few of them:

Houston SPCA
Large Dogs – $65.00
Small Dogs and Puppies – $95.00
Cats – $65.00
Kittens – $75.00
Rabbits – $30.00


Houston Humane Society
Cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies – $85


Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care
(Houston city’s animal control agency)
Dogs and cats – $55


Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
(County’s animal control agency)
Dogs and puppies – $80
Cats and kittens – $70
If the adopter is aged 55+, the cost is $65 for both dogs and cats.


I don’t know for sure about Houston, but in many cities, the cheapest sources of animals aren’t necessarily the best. Often, a higher adoption fee means getting an animal who has received more medical care and/or training. You may want to visit several of the shelters listed above before deciding where to adopt your pet(s). Also, if you’d like to adopt pets other than dogs and cats, be aware that shelters may have them available despite mentioning only dogs and cats in the lists of adoption fees posted to their web sites. The staff and volunteers at each shelter will be able to give you more information if you want to adopt a horse, reptile, hamster, or other unusual pet.

Charles asks…

Who is the intended audience of the ASPCA?

I’m writing an evaluation of their website for class. Who do you think the intended audience is for the ASPCA?

There’s not choices or anything — I’m thinking of just saying the general public is their intended audience….

Jimmy answers:

U r correct… The general public is their audience… They want to make the public aware of the abuse that goes on 24/7 just about everywhere… And the only way they can fight it is with the publics help.

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