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Charles asks…

What’s it like to be a Veterinary Technician?

I am at a junior college right now just getting my core classes, trying to decide on what I’d like to be “when I grow up.” Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved animals, big and small. Now I give to the Humane Society and ASPCA every month, I adopted my dog from a shelter, and I’m even a vegetarian! So because of my extreme love for animals, I’ve been really considering becoming a veterinary technician.
For those of you who are vet techs, please give me some details about your job: schooling/preparation, job duties, etc.
Also, are you required to euthanize animals? If so, how do you cope with it? I have a very big heart when it comes to animals, as do all workers in the animal medicine field I’m sure, so I’d like to know how you handle it emotionally.
And how do you handle those bad owners? You know, the ones that neglect their animals…only care about their animals for the money they get from breeding them…etc.

Since I’ve researched just about everything about the career on the internet, I would really appreciate answers from those who know a lot about the field or actual veterinary technicians. Thanks. :)

Jimmy answers:

Well im not a vet tech, but I did volunteer at a vet over the summer, and did exactly what a the techs did. I dint really know what kind of school they had to do or anything like that. What they did was bacilli what the vet plus. They did just as many surgery’s as he did, the washed the animals, fed water, gave medicine and talked with the people. They had to put down all the animals, and i would go in the other room, but they never got to upset, its part of the job, and there going to a better place they would say. They also had to cut off the animals heads when they got rabies, which was really sick but again its just part of the job. They had some of those ‘ bad owner’ who came in with a dog that was really under weight, some horse who had built in spur marks ETC. And all they could do was give the animal the medical attention the people wanted and tell them what ELSA the animal needs, but thats really all you can do. Try to talk them into getting the otehr medical attention they need. There was never any one who was a bad breeder or anything like that, but all you can do is talk with them…

Chris asks…

What do you think of my essay? Guess my grade level please.?

In the United States of America, animal abandonment is a well known issue that is caused by many different factors. As Americans, we should strive to prevent and save these animals from being abandoned. The ASPCA is one specific organization that has many volunteers that donate their time to help prevent animal abandonment and deliver adequate care for these forlorn animals. An estimate of dogs and cats entering the shelter each year is about six to eight million , but the most devastating part is that out of this substantial number, three to four million are euthanized.

A couple of the most common causes of animal abandonment are financial difficulty and no time for the animal. When an owner is financially strained, they could be struggling with paying bills or dealing with losing a job. Being financially strained can lead to having an inadequate home or a dearth of food for the animal. Also, when an owner is working hard to make a living, they could be traveling for extended periods of time or working long hours. In these specific situations, these owners do not have enough time to give their pets the care and love they deserve. As a result, the dogs and cats end up being dropped off on the side of the road, and the animals suffer more than they should until a local shelter or a caring person finds them.

There are other reasons, too, such as animals’ behavioral and health issues. When an animal has a chronic illness, it is crucial that they go to the vet. Most of the time, they require procedures and medication that cost an immense amount of money, which may also become a bane to the owners. When an animal is experiencing anxiety, they may begin to deface the owner’s belongings. Sometimes, when an owner is struggling to train their pet, they give up and drop their animal off into the wild.

To help reduce the number of abandoned animals, we should raise awareness of the causes and realize the number of unknown strays that roam the country. Also, future owners should make sure they are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for an animal. It is impossible to house all animals humanely, but with the help of shelters and volunteers we can reduce the number of strays and raise the number of happily housed animals.
Please, no mean comments! I tried very hard on this paper, but I would like honest opinions and ways to improve the paper.
Please guess my grade level and my age.

Jimmy answers:

I think it is pretty good.

For transitions, you should use more advanced words such as furthermore, precisely, etc.

I agree with the comment above me.

Joseph asks…

Animal abuse/Neglect- Need help with this- Please?

Hi, I have a 48 year old uncle who has bipolar disorder (hes not medicated), he still lives at home with his mom and dad, and hes got 3 cats.

Now, my uncle dos not have a job and lives off of what he gets from the state, but he takes pretty decent care of his cats, or at least you would think so. he takes them to the vets when they need to go, but mainly only takes one- his oldest cat who is morbidly obese and elderly.

Now, the last time my husband went to visit them back in Jan, we were appalled to see one of the cats, and the condition she was in. Her fur is pretty long, and the poor cat ‘s fur was so matted she could barely walk because her legs were so knotted to her body it made it hard for her to move. Her pads make a clicking sound when she walks, and my uncle thought it was funny- well, it was the pads of her paws- turns out they are so dry they are broken in half basically and hard as rocks. This cat has never been brushed in its life i bet.

so my husband and I took her in the bathroom and used a pair of scissors, because her fur was so hard it broke the electric shaver. Her fur was so matted, it was matted about 3 inches in thickness- it looked like she was a camel or something. I broke one pair of scissors on her fur because it was so hard as heck to cut through. Finally, after 3 days of work- about 10 hours worth, i finally got all of it cut off, and she was acting happier, seemed healthier and was finally walking normal again. Well, my husband bought him a cat brush glove that you slip over your hand so you can brush and pet at the same time. We instructed him on how to use it, and we thought maybe he would finally take care of the cat, because i screamed at him like crazy. I swear that the buildup of matting had to be over a 3-5 month period it was so bad….ive never seen such horrible matting..it was like a 3-5 inch rock on top of her back made of fur that looked like humps or something…

His other cat, Miss. keaty, the obese elderly one, she had to get shaved AGAIN this week.her fur was so matted that she needed to be shaved for the 5th time. I am getting sick of it, and i was told he was getting better, but my mom told me that was not true and he wasn’t taking care of them still (we live in NC, they live in RI- we cant be there often at all).

So i am wondering, can I call the ASPCA about my uncle and have him reported?? I love my uncle, but i am sick of those poor cats suffering nonstop. and what bothers me most is the vet he goes to has taken care of this problem by shaving a million times before with him, and for some reason has never reported him- like she should have. I think it counts as neglecting your animal, correct?

So, if I report him, and he gets fined, and gets them taken away, i was just wondering if he will be the only one to get in trouble. because my grandma and papa have 2 cats of their own, and a mini dachshund and they are all very well taken care of, and in wonderful shape- so they are not neglected at all, its only my uncles cats. he claims he loves them, but he doesn’t take care of them properly. so if i report, my grandma wont get in trouble right?? she has nothing to do with his neglect. She has told him time and time again, and my uncle is the legal owner of the cats, my uncle just lives under her roof. but because hes bipolar, could he be let go because of it being used as an excuse and then my gram getting in trouble?? she has nothing to do with it, but i want to make sure they wont get in trouble and only my uncle will.

I love my uncle, but this mistreatment of those poor cats needs to stop- and since nobody will do it, i guess i have to. OH, and they wont tell who reported him, right?? I dont need my family hating me for this…i just want those cats to get a good decent home…not have to get shaved every month because their fur gets so matted they cant move.
I already mentioned this but it seems no one has read it- I LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA, THEY LIVE IN RHODE ISLAND. I dont even have a car- I cant afford to go there but once a year, so i cant bring them myself as much as i would love to. i have no way of getting there, and im not anywheres near financially stable enough to be able to take a plane there- it would take me 2 years to save for ticket money- thats how bad off we are. I cant afford it, and the only way to help those cats is to call the aspca.

Jimmy answers:

It is hard to tell in this situation because they are all in the same household. If i were you, i would just take the cats yourself to prevent all the trouble that may be caused. I think this would be in the best interest of everyone. Just please don’t leave the cats there with your uncle…they sound horribly neglected.

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