Discussing Questions And Answers About Aspca

Donna asks…

Volenteer Work at the aspca or any other animal organizations?

Hey I was wondering If anyone can give me websites or places to go in new york (specificly brooklyn) to do some volenteer work for the aspca or any other animal orgs. Im 17 & starting college this september i wanna be a animal cop. like the ones on animal planet. & i wanna build up my resime. I figured alittle bit of volenteer work in the animal feild would help. =]

Jimmy answers:

Hey.. I am also 17 and I plan to volunteer at the Brooklyn animal shelter. I haven’t registered for it yet, though I do plan to. Here is the site: http://www.brooklynanimalfosternetwork.org/

It says you have to let your parents sign it if you are under 21 then fax it. I don’t have a fax machine so I don’t know what to do. Right now I think I am going to mail it to them. Don’t really know how it works, but I’ll see. Well if you know any, tell me too lol.

Daniel asks…

What kind of guns do aspca officers carry?

I really want to be an aspca officer someday, and I need to know what type of gun they use so I can practice shooting it.

Jimmy answers:

Learn .38 revolver. Shotshells available for minor sized abused critters that need to be put down, wadcutters carried for small dogs run over but still crawling with broken backs and bleeding, full power 125 grain for larger dogs like angry pitbulls. .357 revolver for really dangerous possibilities with flatpoint 150 grains or 170 grain penetrators. 12 bore shotgun is the other to learn. Trank darts made in that size, slugs some times needed and the goose loads and OO buck may be needed for some. Trolls need rubber bullets like Israeli police use.

Mandy asks…

what can I do to help animals besides just donating to aspca?

I’m a high school student. I recently watched an animal cruelty video where dogs were being skinned alive, and I feel like I have to do something for them, and animals in general now. I’m donating to ASPCA, but I want to do more. I can’t just drop my life here and go become an activist, but I don’t want to sit around and wait for someone to help these animals for me. What are things I can do to help?

Jimmy answers:

How you can advocate for an issue important to you


Also, contact your local nonprofit animal shelter about volunteering.

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