Discussing Questions And Answers About Cooking For Dogs With Ibd

Mandy asks…

My dog gets sick every night unless I feed him before bed?

I have a 2 year old westie and i know their prone to stomach problems. He has had this since he was a puppy and I don’t know what I should do besides feeding him before bed. If he doesn’t have something in his stomach for 3-4 hours he vomits ( usually just bile/acid). Afterward I feed him and him and he’s fine again. Should I just keep doing this. I don’t want to overfeed though but if I don’t he will throw up.

Jimmy answers:

Adding a tablespoonful of non-fat unflavored yogurt to his meals will probably stop the vomiting.
I had to home-cook for my two Westies with IBD and that stopped the vomiting and the mucosy diarrhea.

Donald asks…

Can Someone Please Tell Me What This Means!!?

It’s probably gonna sound stupid, but I work at a pet store, only been there a couple months so I don’t know much yet, but I’ve heard two people say

“I need help finding some hypoallergenic dog food”
I thought hypoallergenic meant something about shedding.. so food to help the dog not shed as much or what ?

Jimmy answers:

Hypoallergenic dog food has limited ingredients, usually only one carbohydrate and one protein, and is designed for dogs that have a lot of food allergies and intolerances. Dogs with allergies can develop inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis so it’s important to find limited ingredient diets for these dogs to minimize the risk of inflammation of their GI tract. An example and a brand I have used is Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance line of limited ingredient foods

Because dogs who have allergies are often sensitive to grains, the carb that is most ofen used in these limited ingredient blends is either potatoes or sweet potatoes. Beef is also something that dogs with allergies tend to react to so the proteins will be more exotic – you’ll see fish (mackeral is often used), venison, rabbit, duck, lamb, and other poultry. There will be vitamin and mineral supplements to balance the diet but no other “food” ingredients.

If a dog fails on all of the commercially available limited ingredient diets, the owner is stuck cooking things like quinoa and bison or elk.

An excellent resource to share with your customers is this web site which is a Yahoo group devoted to diets for dogs with food allergies and intolerances: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/K9Kitchen/ I learned a lot about how to choose a commercial dog food and eventually how to home cook a balanced diet for our IBD dog from the members of this group.

Robert asks…

please help! my dog has irritable bowl and is pooping everywhere, how do i clean up poop?

HELP how do you clean up poop?????

Jimmy answers:

I bought a food scraper just for this purpose. I scrape up the majority of poop, then I spray the area with Oxyclean spray, wait a minute or two for the Oxyclean to work, then use a scrub brush to rid the area of any letover poop and dry with a towel.
Oxyclean removes any stain and completely removes the odor.
As to the irritable bowel, although you didn’t ask, I had a Westie with this condition and ended up home-cooking for him. It completely conquered his IBD and he lived free of runny poop for the next 9 years.
I used a pamphlet on Home-cooked diets from this site;

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