Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Cooking Dog Food

James asks…

housewarming party and food!help?

Would it look bad if you decided to serve lunch meat sandwiches at a house warming party? It’s getting to cold to cook out on the grill. I didn’t think it would be bad but I wasn’t sure. What are other ideas besides hot dogs and hamburgers also. Thanks!

Jimmy answers:

Sandwiches would be fine- just snaz up the selections with good lunch meat from your deli like flavored turkey, salami, good ham, and some special cheeses. Get a few different good breads also.
Or you could always go with a nice hot sandwich- like shredded turkey or beef in a crock pot or even sloppy joes.

Laura asks…

I need to do a food list, will you help me?

Okay, so today me and my mother had an argument about why I don’t like her food, what she’s making. So, now I have to do a list, (until august) about what food I want to eat. It’s like this:
11th July – Fries (just an example) etc. But my brain is so empty, and I cant figure out, what to make. :( she also said I cant choose expensive foods, (we’re not that rich anymore, after me and my mother divorced) Any help please? :) ( Im not english, so my english is really bad. :P )

Jimmy answers:

Breakfast type stuff:
Fried egg sandwiches (just fry an egg and put it between two pieces of toasted buttered bread. Add cheese to if you want
Yogurt and fresh fruit

Toasted cheese sandwiches/Tomato soup
Sandwiches are endless. Use a variety of different breads and rolls
Baked potatoes (microwave) topped with the works, bacon, sour cream, cheese etc.
Burgers/baked beans and chips
Brown ground meat and make tacos
Cook strips of chicken and make taco/fajitas
Chicken Alfredo…I dice up chicken and use a jar of Alfredo sauce/ serve it over spaghetti
Hot dogs/keilbasa or ring bologna and mac/cheese
Spaghetti and meactsauce
Eggs salad
Lettuce salads top with chicken nuggets for a more filling salad
scalloped potatoes

The freezer section has family entrees like Salisbury steaks, turkey and gravy, rib patties that are cheap. You could heat up some canned vegs and make instant flavored potatoes

If you have a crock pot you can make pretty much anything from soups to roasts. And cheaper because you don’t need the oven on. Also less expensive because you can buy cheaper cuts of meat and crock pots cook long on a slow heat so you can pretty much make anything come out tender

Lisa asks…

why is it or is it true at all that dogs can’t eat pork? And is that true of cats as well?

Jimmy answers:

Urban….pork really isn’t “People food” unless it’s drenched in some sauce or spices.

Pork is meat…which is a natural diet of both dogs and cats which are carnivores.

People food refers to things that are unnatural.

Dogs can defiantly have pork as can cats. It won’t hurt them at all…as long as it’s fully cooked and not drowned in spices sauces or oil. I would assume boiled or pulled pork (crock pot) would be the healthiest pork.

I used to mix boiled chicken, pork, or beef with my dogs and cats food on occasion. It’s a tasty supplement for them.

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