Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Cooking Dog Food

Donna asks…

i eat fast food for every meal and dont exercise?

please.. i’ve never been so depressed. my life is at rock bottom.

basically right now im a student but i go to school on the internet.. ive never been healthy or athletic but for the past 2 years since ive been in college i eat fast food pretty much every meal. i usually get a double cheeseburger combo meal at eather jack in the box or mcdonalds because there both near my apartment. i get it with fries and a large coke and sometimes i get a milkshake or blizzard after. thats almost every day that i eat like that, i just cant stop im addicted.

i cant cook anything and dont own any cooking stuff besides one pan and a toaster. i weigh more than i ever have at almost 310 pounds and i am only 5’6. it is so hard for me to get around and i know im digging my grave. im a christian so ive been praying but its like god isnt listening. i tried to go one day w/out fast food last week and i ended up passing out.i just cant imagine eating anything else.. PLEASE help, can i change or should i just wait here until i finally die

Jimmy answers:

Ouch! Look on the internet and see what the calories are in the foods that you eat. You will be shocked. One cheeseburger is like eating an entire steak, baked potato and veggie and less filling. If you own a microwave go to the store. You could cook a chili dog meal in the microwave, Bake a potato, warm up veggies. Get a crock pot. Cook your meals. Get away from the cokes, shakes. Water can fit in your fridge, or have it in your cooler. There is so many things you can change. The problem is wanting too. Take a walk around your place. Meet people if you need too. You have to change, not God. You could wait until you die of course, but as a Christian, you know that God did not give you a brain for you to waste it away. Don’t blame God for the miracle cure, ask him to help you to make some difficult choices and stand by them. Good Luck

Protestant Nazarene

Steven asks…

Food for 2 years old’s birthday?

I’m having a birthday party for my daughter in February, the party will be indoors and there wont be many tables. so people will have there plates on there laps.
i want to cook for this party to save money, but idk what to make. i am sick of Italian food, everyone serves it. and i need help planning a menu for about 15 2 year olds and 20 adults. so if anyone can help me think of things.
i was thinking about making empanadas. but idk

Jimmy answers:

This is along the lines of the Taco Bar that others have suggested but a little different. I just had my son’s 1st birthday party and we had a big mix of people from 8 month olds all the way to his great grandparents. We did Tacos in a bag! The kids love them! We cooked the taco meat and then put it in a crock pot to keep it warm, bought Nacho Cheese Dorito individual bags at Sam’s club (50 for $10), bowl of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa. You cruch up the chips and add everything you want to the bag then shake it up and serve with a fork. Perfect for the kids who sat on the floor and ate without having to balance a plate in their laps. We also had fruit salad, bourdon dogs, and some lime chicken wings. Big Hit and actually one of my friends is going to do it for her daughter’s first bday! Pretty cheap too :)

George asks…

I absolutely hate cooking…………………?

Everyone looks at me to cook….I sweat if I hear that “Whats for breakfast, whats for dinner……..weekends “Whats for breakfast, whats for LUNCH, whats for dinner”………You tell them and “We don’t like that or lets go to Mcdonalds…” No we are not. The next time I hear this I am going to set a bowl of dry dog food in front of them, they are old enough to cook, as with their father….we both work 40 hours a week, why is it usually up to the woman? How do you guys handle this……………am I the only one that goes through this. Frozen food sucks too……Seems soon at breakfast is done and you get the kitchen cleaned up…its lunch time…..clean after that, then its dinner. signed Julie

Jimmy answers:

Yes , I did go through this !! ( I,m a man ,by the way ) I figured it out & started to ask what my family wanted to be fed . Then made a list & shopped for those meals . On the week-ends I would prep as many as possible &store for quicker preparing the day of the meal . It was kind of fun having meals that night that were the suggestions of who-ever chose that particular meal . ( and….they couldnt
‘t gripe about the meal I chose to cook ) . Also look into crock-pot recipies .

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