Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Cooking Dog Food

Lizzie asks…

Help on a fundraiser (kool-aid stand)?

We are having a garage sale this weekend. I was wanting to do a fundraiser for a local food pantry. If you where shopping at a garage sale what kind of food or drink would you want the most?? I am thinking like kool-aid and popsicles. Any other food/drink ideas would be MUCH appreciated!!Any other tips or ideas would be awesome!!!!! I would like to make a LOT of money if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy answers:

Cookies are big along with lemonade, rather than kool aid. If you are really ambitious, cook hot dogs in your crock pot and sell those. Use coffee filters for the napkins, they are cheaper. Put te dog & bun in the filter and viola, you have a plate & a napkin all in one.

Betty asks…

My grandmother’s dog has severe arthritis. What can I give him to ease the pain?

I’m watching my grandmother’s dog while she’s away for a few weeks. She’s never cared for her dogs well… always kept them outside in the summer heat in 110F+ weather until they just literally waste away. She takes them to the vet twice a year, but I don’t know HOW the vet can tell them that they’re “healthy for their age”. I guess they don’t know what kind of environment they live in, how uncomfortable they are, and they certainly don’t see his many failed attempts to lay down.

When I brought him over to my house to help him escape the heat, it took him 4 hours to finally manage to lay down. He just kept walking around the house, would stop and stare at a wall, stand in the middle of the living room falling asleep on his feet. It’s really a pitiful site.

Long story short… I feel sorry for the poor guy. He lacks muscle tone and half his bones show, and he is in extreme pain. The vet has already diagnosed him with arthritis before, but I’m not sure what medicine he was prescribed, or if he was at all. I can’t afford to take him to the vet, because if I did I’m half-positive I would take him to get euthanized, considering that my grandmother lacks the compassion or understanding of just how much pain he is in.

I know my vet has told me before that there was some human medicine that I could give my dog for temporary use back when she sprained her paw. I can’t remember what pain med she said though…

What can I possibly give him to ease his pain, and at what dosage? He’s about 45 pounds I think.

Thanks, I really appreciate it, and if he could talk, I’m sure he’d say thank you too.

Jimmy answers:

Something I did which helped my old guy get comfortable was to get a raised feeding bowl. He was only a medium sized dog, about 48 lb, but it made it so much easier for him to eat and drink not having to reach down. I filled a laundry basket with old towels and put a soft fluffy comforter over it. He was able to lie down without having to go all the way to the floor. It also made it easier for him to get up. If your old guy needs help getting up, a towel passed underneath him in front of the hind legs works very well.

An herbal supplement which kept my dog with a hereditary back problem comfortable for life was a mixture of anti inflammatory and pain relieving plants in capsule form. It’s made by Nature’s Sunshine and is called Joint Formula. For a dog under 50 lb the dosage was 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with dinner. He couldn’t handle the prescription ANSAIDs like Rimadyl and Etogesic – they tore up his stomach and gut. He did great on the Joint Formula. The vet school said he’d never live past 5 because he’d be in constant pain and have to be put down. He lived to be 14 and only needed aggressive pain management in his final 2 months.

A vet who got specialized training in Chinese traditional medicine had me feed my old guy chicken that had been cooked thoroughly in a crock pot. She said that older dogs did better with proteins that had been broken down more for them. I added the cooked chicken meat (no bones) to his Solid Gold dog food and he did very well on it in terms of energy level and maintaining his weight.

The dog you are caring for is very blessed and lucky to have you. If he’s not having multiple organ issues, he may be able to improve a lot in the weeks that you have him.

Mandy asks…

What is a good easy food to serve at a kids 6th birthday party?

My daughter is having a birthday party for her 6th birthday at a local roller skating rink. I’m trying to come up with a dish (something I can keep warm easy in crock pots) for about 50 people. The only thing I can think of is hot dogs or sloppy joes. Anyone have any good suggestions?
Also, I thought of pizza, but it needs to be something I can make and that will travel easy:) We live rural and the “local” skating rink is 25 miles from our house
I’m not sure what part of driving 25 miles and traveling with food like that does fishstick girl NOT understand LOL.

Jimmy answers:

An idea I have is why not get some different sandwich meats like turkey, ham, bologna, etc… And cheeses, along with different toppings like pickles, mayo, lettuce, mustard, etc… Get some buns and just keep the meat/cheese in a cooler. You could get some bags of chips, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, and some store-bought macaroni or potato salads. That way you won’t have to worry about cooking anything, or anything spilling out of the crockpot!

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