Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Cooking Dog Food

Chris asks…

where can a 13 year old get a job?

hi my dad wants me to get a job as my brother has and im the only one who hasn’t where is the best place for me to work? also is it legal for me to work at 13?

Jimmy answers:

Try putting out a flier for dog walking, Shopping and delivery service for those that are elderly or physically challenged, groceries, clothing and household items. Crock pot meal service, they provide the food you cook it. Crock pot meals are very easy. Dishwashing service. Kitchen and bathroom cleaning service. Vacuum the carpets service. Caregiver service so that those caring for the elderly, mentally and physically challenged may go out. Offer Internet & Computer classes to older people like myself in their homes. If you’re making A’s in mathematics offer a tutoring service. Always for your safety have your parents check out the person answering your add.

Ask your school counselor if it is illegal for you to work at your age. I don’t think it is.

Carol asks…

my German shepherd has become completely un manageable since i moved help?

he was well trained he knows sit lay down bad dog good dog heel stop down up and more but i recently moved from the west coast to the other side of the USA and it’s been since November 24 that i have been here and the dog should of settled in by now he will not listen to a dam thing i teach him seems like all his training has gone down the drain

the only thing that has stuck is house training he will behave in front of me but not around the rest of the family he has nearly pulled my shoulder out more times then i can count he is a 90 pound German shepherd he bites at people on walks which he has never done before he was training to be quiet on command but now he wont fkng shut up he barks all the fkng time now at people if i walk out of the room if the family comes over and he is in his crate (for jumping on people and knocking them over when they visit) now it used to be when he was told DOWN he would not jump up he used to not do any of this at all he WAS a well trained dog till i moved i don’t know what has gotten into him but i’m about to give up and give him to the pound he has never in his life been this rotten he should of settled in by now geez it’s been over a month any tips on how to correct this before he is too un manageable to keep anymore? just doesn’t make sense to me he used to be extremely well trained till now but if it keeps up physically i wont be able to manage him he is a inside dog he us neutered he is pure bred he is normally not a calm dog but he has not sit down since i moved here he acts like it will be the Apocalypse if he can’t follow me around the house he is almost 2 yrs old and he wont listen to a dam thing i tell him to do even the training he knew before i moved here and i’m going to end up making hi ma out side dog or having to get rid of him if this doesn’t stop and it’s getting worse not better he has been a completely different dog since i moved here and not in a good way

WARNING:do not answer my question just to tell me what a horrible dog owner i am know what? at least i train my dog like a decent dog owner should so if your sensitive to dogs being trained or put in crates this question is not for you DO NOT answer this question just to harass me on what i’m doing wrong you will be reported for ranting if you feel the need to rant to me about this question then don’t answer it this question is not for you if you have useful info to help me with this question i would like to know what you have to say anyone else would of gotten rid of this dog by now if they were in my shoes so criticism is not welcome answers or solutions to my question only thank you
i do watch dog whisperer i have some of his books as well i can’t watch any tv right now because my new home has no cable or satellite tv cesar milan tv show would be helpful right about now though
i don’t like shutzund training i herd some dogs wind up too aggressive and i can not afford any type of dog training because the move put me broke i need a solution to this problem i can solve myself he has been properly trained he just refuses to act so he was more well trained then most peoples dogs he is not aggressive but he certainly has never bitten at people before my dog was taught from the start that i am dominant and i am the pack leader al though he only acts like this when i’m with the rest of the family so i had figured he has decided he is allowed to act like a savage in front of them and yes some love has been lost my dog is not acting at all in the way he used to he is defiantly not the dog i raised right now
he has had separation anxiety since he was a puppy and this is a contributing factor in how rotten he has been acting i need him to be on anti anxiety pills as his anxiety is becoming harmful to his health he tore up a wire crate divider once he got his paw stuck in the wire he chewed up when he was a puppy his separation anxiety is severe but i will have to wait to put him on anxiety meds till i recover financially from the move his separation anxiety is self harming to him because he can and will hurt himself tearing up sh** like wire i have a muzzle for when i leave the house he has to have a muzzle and be put in a crate 1 to protect my stuff since noone is there toi supervise 2 without the muzzle he will find a way to hurt himself from the separation anxiety

Jimmy answers:

Well i am not a trainer but literally grew up with a GSheppard – ate from its dog bowl, played in its dog house, buried its poo in the holes it dug,….

Suggestions… Play calming music – beethovan, relaxation music,…. Crock pot some chicken soup for you and the dog and leave it on warm over night or for 2 days…..anything that calms you will calm the dog….

Get a second dog ( know this is hard on a budget) but you will find many issues gone… Seperation anxiety, need to play with a friend, alpha issues,…..

Get that muzzel off the dog…. Some dogs just get more aggressive… I used one for 1 min then 5 min the 10 min max when i was training my beagle not to bark and only did it a few ( 3 times)….teach and give them toys… Only nyla or konka toys and buy a bone ( knucle beef uncooked) at the butchers shop and let him have a blanket that is his for his corner and bed and chew as this will release anxiety that he has and feels from you and gives him a place that is his…. Use go bed as a safe place for him…just like a kid likes a space and blanket for safety -protection- decrease stress and anxiety…

Send love thoughts not hateful thoughts to your dog ( and to yourself) it really works..

Training….. Petsmart basic again…. Google things and try them… Be consistent( but not hard or harsh) and do 15 min of play even in the apt every day and walk 15 min ( this helps with him to know you ouare the pack leader ( not just commands but the walking of a dogs))… Play bonds and that bonding leads to trust and even teachability…animals are alive and these are pack animals and very loving…. Must have that also… Just like a child needs discipline, leadership…. But also love and attention and respect…

Add brown rice, ground turkey from walmart(2.oo dollars in tube) and some spinache or collars ( cheap – 1.00) and small salt and rosemary ( pinch) and cook in crock pot over night or for a day until very cooked and the smell and taste and the dog will know you love him… Turkey naturally has an anxiety thing in it, br rice has alote of vitamins and that might be something he is missing or neeeds with the stress…the greens also give iron and more…. Some behaviour is poor quality dog food and needs….

Check your environment for chemicals… Lead paint in walls,… Ate something …maybe someone coming into the apartment while you are gone ( had this happen many apartments i lived in)…

Leave TV on or music on when leave the house….to comfort him…

Have you changed clothes, perfume, soap… Etc……?

Any way this is good practice for when you have kids…. Some times thay can act like this with change, moves, bullys at school, sickness, etc….

Remember love him/her…. Pray…prayer workes…..find a dog park or group or online searches….

Best to both of you……you are the human and can solve this and remember adam in the bible was given dominian over all anmimals and commanded to care for them…..

Merry christman… Blessings for the new year!

Daniel asks…

Is PORK MEAT “safe” to feed to my Great Dane?

Over the years, I have followed the wisdom to never feed any pork meat to a K9.
With recent veterinary medical research and studies, is this a proven FACT?
My sister has given me a large container of the broth from her crock pot of pork roast. She encourages me to mix this broth with my Great Dane’s dry food for him to enjoy. She cautions only to avoid feeding K9′s pork BONES, which can lodge in K9′s throats while eating. <-Is this the only caution against feeding pork to K9's?

Jimmy answers:

Trichinosis is just about non-existent now in commercial pork that you buy from a grocery store or butcher, unless you live in a third world country and eat the meat improperly cooked. There is more risk of trichinosis in wild-caught game meats.

Cooked broth from a cooked pork roast poured over dog food poses no risk of trichinosis. Skim the fat off before using the broth. No cooked bones for dogs. If onions are cooked in with the roast, then don’t feed the broth to the dog. Onions can pose a risk for hemolytic anemia in dogs, even fed in small quantities for an extended period of time.

Here’s a study- over 4000 pigs tested, less than 1 percent carried trichinosis:



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