Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Dog Food Recipes

Lizzie asks…

I want to cut the majority of meat out of my diet…?

I’m a full time college student. I work two jobs (one’s an office job the other at a rest. that serves like fatty “italian” food). I want to cut meat, except fish, out of my diet, just to try it out. But I have no clue what to eat, I want variety and something that won’t take longer than 30 min and also somethings i can grab in a hurry??? Any suggestions

Jimmy answers:

I have just done this actually, and I don’t cook. It was insanely (shockingly) easy. First: build all your meals around a protein. As long as you do that, you’ll be fine because you won’t be hungry. Proteins: nuts, beans (in salads at your restaurant), fish and tofu (don’t cringe yet). I eat eggs as well, but not sure you do so I will leave that out.

Tilapia is a fantastic and inexpensive fish that you can prepare at home easily with a restaurant quality result – online recipes abound. Most fish requires actual cooking and preparation and I don’t often have time for that so I’m going to skip that part for now and give you a few other staples.

Once you drop the meat from your meals your calories will drop so you will actually have more leeway with other things – just don’t go crazy with it – Like, consider cheese a garnish as it’s such a fatty dairy.

Most Mediterranean foods are tasty and filling, the salad bar at my grocery store (Giant Eagle) has hummus, tabbouleh and fattoush – all keep very well in the fridge/freezer and are very filling and travel well. I buy in bulk and separate into individual containers that I store in the freezer/fridge for several days fare.

A can of black beans can work marvels when added to a few staples…like asian bean noodles or a bunch of veggies chopped and tossed into a crock pot with some brown rice and worstershire sauce (spiced to taste) and left on overnight. Put it in cup sized containers the next morning – a few in the fridge and the rest in the freezer and you are set for a week. This type thing also has the benefit of tasting better with time.

Frankly I just eat the black beans from the can when I’m hungry and tired.

House Foods Tofu Shiratake noodles. My Giant Eagle carries them, as does Whole Foods. This stuff saves my life!!!!!!. The fettuccine is gross but the angel hair and spaghetti (orange and green packages) is fine and a brilliant protein that goes with everything. Rinse it well in the sink – the smell is turnip juice that it’s stored in – heat it in the microwave with whatever you want to put on it until it’s hot. I like spiced tomato sauce better than spaghetti sauce at the grocery store, but that’s just me.

Tofurkey is also located by the noodles in most grocery stores and the Italian Sausage with sun dried tomato variety is kinda spicy and very yummy, I use it like a hot dog.

Note the “dump and stir” tactics above.

I got the most marvelous steamer, a steam and mash, that lets me cook anything from the living room watching TV. I steam EVERYTHING now.

Whenever I get munchies I eat peaches or some peas or steamed snap beans or asparagus, or nuts. These are my preferences, you will have your own.

I just mix ‘n match the staples above, and once you get started you will add to them. Tofu Goes West, the best cookbook for non cooks EVER, will help. Its for sale on Amazon for about $0.01.

Lastly, condiments, condiments, condiments! Get creative! Try new things! My fridge is stuffed with them!

Hope that helps!

Paul asks…

what are some good cheap meals to make?

ok so im looking for some cheap meals to make for me and my gf since the economy is in the crapper we dont have alot of money and we are looking for soem good cheap meals to make

Jimmy answers:

Beans, beans, beans! Dried are cheapest (if you can cook a lot at once; try a crockpot), but canned types are pretty economical…high in protein, tasty, filling, and you can jazz them up with a little meat for a change. Here’s some starter ideas:
Black (turtle) beans, great Northern, kidney, or white beans PLUS tomatoes, celery, and/or bell peppers. Add some cooked rice if you need to stretch it, or serve it in tortilla wraps. Or toss in a little cooked sausage or burger meat, chopped hot dogs, shelled hardboiled eggs, or cheese shreds.
Hummus—-that’s “blenderized chickpeas” with other good stuff added (easy recipes are all over). Makes a wonderful sandwich topping, or a filling veggie-dip-meal.
Chickpeas (I use canned a lot) make a great dinner salad….chop interesting veggies coarsely (steam or saute, if you like), add chickpeas, and season with Italian dressing. Or yogurt, with a good triple shake of curry powder.

Packaged macaroni and cheese, with leftover cooked burger OR canned tunafish.
Learn how to stir-fry/saute; you can get a LOT of mileage out of a little meat.

Hit the library & look for a good soup cookbook, and one on crock-potting. Also great: vegetarian cookery books (you’d be surprised at how good eggs and cheese can be); also cookbooks by Leanne Ely (Saving Dinner series).

Crockpots are your friends. Borrow one, or check a thrift store, or check Freecycle. Or even buy one; a cheapie runs less than $15.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on spices (dollar stores are great), or on good seasonings (onions, canned tomatoes, soy sauce, hot sauce, a good strong mustard, etc.). Traditionally cheap foods—-beans, rice, pasta, potatoes, cheaper cuts of meat—-may NEED a good flavor kick in the behind, if you’re eating a lot of them day to day.

George asks…

Dinner for 5 Problems?

We are remodelling our kitchen. We wont have a stove or oven to cook on. We do have a crock pot, a BBQ and some other stuff. We have 5 people in our family. Can anyone give us some recipes or some ideas on how we can eat for the next 6 weeks? ( we can’t eat out every night. Were limited to only like once every 2 weeks or something like that…) PLEASE can we get some help?

Jimmy answers:

Meatballs in Minestrone a la crockpot.
Beef Stew in your crockpot.
Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, Turkey Salad (use your local deli)
BLT’s with Ready made bacon or prepare some and refrig until needed
Get some shrimp steamed at your supermarket & salad in a bag.
Roast Corn on the Cob at your BBQ with hot dogs or burgers.
If you have a microwave, prepare some foods ahead and nuke them.
Buy pregrilled chicken in freezer section and Cesar salad in a bag.
Eat fresh fruit salad and cottage cheese.
Take out Chinese, soups, etc.
Get an electric skillet. It did wonders for us during kitchen renovation.
Borrow a George Forman Grill for hot sandwiches to melt cheese.

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