Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Dog Food Recipes

Thomas asks…

Dog Question On beniful?

I just saw an add and I was just wondering about it.
1. I like to mix my puppy’s food meaning I mix it with canned food, and dried food. Is that good or bad? The brand is: Purina and Science Diet.
2. I saw an add that said Purina Beniful. It is a new dog food brand. I want to know if it your dog likes it….

Jimmy answers:

(1) Mixing canned and kibble is OK.

(2) Always buy the best food you can afford. Beneful is not an especially good dog food at the price. Neither is Science Diet, for that matter. Both contain a lot of corn, to which many dogs are sensitive. Also, those vegetable-looking colored pieces in the Beneful? They are there to sell the product to humans. Dogs don’t see color well enough to notice them.

Look for a dog food that contains no corn, wheat, or soy. It should not have artificial flavors or colors. A protein (meat or meat meal) should be the first ingredient listed. Some good brands are Wellness, California Naturals, Canidae, Blue Buffalo, Flint RIver, Innova, Solid Gold. Royal Canin, Merrick, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, and others. Not everyone can afford $2/pound food, so if you are on a budget, look at Wellness, Kirkland (Costco’s house brand), Authority (Petsmart’s house brand), and Diamond.

You can also investigate cooking for your dog, or feeding raw (aka the “BARF” diet). There is information about both on the internet, and many recipes. Cooking is easy if you have a crock pot: Throw in some chicken, some rice, some water, and let it cook. Throw in some leftover veggies and some bone meal and maybe some other supplements. You can eat it too–just dish yours out before adding the bone meal and supplements. Both cooking and BARF can be pretty cheap, but they are time consumng. You can also by ready-made raw diets.

Mark asks…

little smokie recipes? Give me some ideas?

Its my sons 4th birthday party this weekend and I asked him what he wanted to have for food. He said sloppy joes and little hot dogs. So I am making sloppy joes. But I also have a crock pot thing that is 3 crock pots side by side. I figured I could get the little smokeys and put some in barbecue sauce in one of them. and something different in the other two. Possibly like the ones that are wrapped in bacon with brown sugar…..give me some ideas on what you have done in the past?

Jimmy answers:

Welch’s grape jelly

macho cheese sauce…for dipping little smokies

happy birthday


James asks…

what are some cheap dinner recipes?

i have a family of 6…3 adults (1 who is pregnant), 2 kids (7 and 8), and a 2 year old. we are broke, i cant keep spending all our money on food. we rarely eat out, and if we do its with a coupon and good deals. im sick of pasta, but up to new recipes. every recipe i look up online seems to be totally random… i dont want curry dishes or dishes that the average person wouldnt have these items in the house. i have basic spices: basil, oregano, thyme, dill, garlic, onion powder, ect. i do have a crock pot but not too many recipes other than stew (even that seems expensive with the meat, carrots, potatoes, broth, …..)
anyone have any recipes or sites for some good somewhat healthy meals to feed hungry family? maybe a weeks worth of groceries and din ideas so i can use everything i buy in different dinners?

Jimmy answers:

When my hubby was in college we had to make food go a long way..here are a few things we ate..and the food I would buy every two weeks
2 whole chickens
6 lbs of 80/20 hamburger meat
1 pkg of wieners (12 wieners)
4 boxes of Macaroni and cheese
1 60 to 80 oz package of mixed vegetables (frozen)
1 60 to 80 oz package of green beans (frozen)
1 60 to 80 oz package of corn( frozen)
1 box of butter (four sticks)
1 gallon of milk
1 small box of powdered milk ( not to drink but for cooking)
18 eggs
two loaves of bread
Large pkg of thin spaghetti
large package of pasta shells
4 cans of diced tomatoes
5 large onions
2 heads of lettuce
6 tomatoes
1 5lb package of potatoes
package of carrots
1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 block of cheddar cheese
2 cans of sketti sauce
with those items you can make spaghetti, with meat , or meat balls, meatball soup, ground meat with crm of mush soup, mixed veggies, and pasta shells, hamburger meat, shells, and diced tomato’s, hamburgers, meatloaf, ground meat fried with onions then add flour and then add powdered milk (with water added of course) for sos, ground meat, onions fried then add pasta shells and cheese, With chicken it can be chicken soup, chicken sketti, chicken , mixed veggies,and cheese,with or with out shells, with wieners you can chop and add to macaroni, or bbq sauce and serve with mashed potatos, or just hot dogs, with all of these you can serve mixed veggies, corn or green beans..we also liked to serve corn bread with any of our soups..good luck I hope you can use some of these recipies.

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