Discussing Questions And Answers About Crock Pot Dog Food Recipes

Maria asks…

Cooking in a college dorm?

I just started college, and already ramen noodles are getting old, and I don’t have much of a meal plan, *so*. I’m a pretty experienced cook, but most of the stuff I usually cook involves a stove top, oven, or griddle, and I’m more used to cooking with a variety of ingredients. We’re not allowed hotplates, but we have a toaster oven, an electric skillet, a VERY tiny crock pot, a microwave, and a rice steamer that doesn’t work too well. Any suggestions or recipes for meals I can cook with these items and relatively cheap ingredients? Thanks in advance for the help :)

Jimmy answers:

Sounds to me like your biggest problem will be keeping raw food cold until you can cook it. Dorm fridges are not real big!

You can boil pasta in the microwave. Meatsauce in elec skillet or plain spagh. Sauce in crock pot.

Make pork chops or chicken legs and brasts in the elec. Skillet. Also great for pancakes, french toast, HB patties, heat up hot dogs in chili, sausage links orpatties, hash browns, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese or grilled meat sandwiches.

If your elec skillet has a high domed lid, you can even roast a whole chicken in there! Takes a couple hours on med., but w/ lid on, it’s like an oven. Add some stove-top stuffing the last 20 min or so around the bird and you’ve got chicken and dressing!

Keep a few pieces of fresh fruit around for snacking.

Don’t forget about simple sandiwches: PB&J, lunch meat + cheese, tuna salad, that sort of thing. Quick fix, quick eat, and back to studying!

Ruth asks…

Too hot to cook, what can I make?

It has been over 100 degrees with the heat index factored in for almost 2 weeks in Florida (and texas residents, especially around Houston I feel for you)
It has been too hot to cook. We have ordered out, had cold plates, used the crock pot, sandwiches and tacos.
Anything different from the above that you make on hot days that is simple and does not require a lot of time or heating up the house?

(it’s a killer to use the grill, with the heat from the grill and the hot air outside, phew, unbearable to use grill)

Jimmy answers:

If you have an indoor electric grill, you can grill. There’s some foods you can make in the microwave. You can make egg sandwiches. Or hot dogs in the microwave, around 45 seconds or so, adjust depending on wattage of your microwave, how it cooks & how many you’re making (if you’re making more, heat longer). Or macaroni & cheese, you can make that with corn mixed in (I make my vegetables in the microwave, 2 1/2 minutes if it’s in a can, frozen broccoli, I microwave for 5 minutes at a time, it usually takes a total of 10 – 15 minutes & I add butter to my veggies so that it melts into the vegetables.) or you can mix in spam into the mac & cheese (cut into cubes & heat up in the microwave). I LOVE spam, didn’t used to eat it or even heard of it as a child, it was never in my house, but there’s SOOO many things you can make with it! I think there was a recipe on the back of some Spam containers how to make a quesedilla with it. Maybe you can make grilled cheese sandwiches? If so, try mozzerella grilled cheese sandwiches, get mozzerella sliced cheese at the deli, it’s DELICIOUS & tastes like you need some tomato sauce for dipping (like you use with mozerella sticks).

Donna asks…

How much food for an evening backyard garden Anniversary party? HELP!!!! :( ?

Hi Everyone

I am throwing a backyard evening garden party for my parent’s 25th Anniversary. We are trying to figure out the most cost efficient and delicious way to feed and provide drink to approximately 35 people and 5 children.

1. How much Hamburgers/Hotdogs/Sausages/Peppers/Steaks should we buy?
2. How many trays of prepared food should i buy from the gourmet caterer to compliment the BBQ food?
3. How many appetizers and how many different kinds of appetizers?
4. How much drink? (Non Alcoholic and Alcoholic)

5. How much money should i budget for all this?

The last thing i wanna do is leave anyone hungry/thirsty and looking for food….

And if i decide to prepare a few full trays of food myself…how much food does a full tray hold?


Jimmy answers:

It is tough to get the just right amount of food when you’re entertaining a large group of people. I’ve always ended up with more food than I need but like you said, you don’t want hungry and thirsty people.

1. Plan on 1.5 per adult and 1 per child. So about 60 total of the hamburgers hot dogs, etc. Of that, the majority should be the most popular (hamburgers, hot dogs) and 20-30% should be the sausages/hot links or whatever.

2. Trays of prepared food are always nice because you’ve got a large amount of food and people can take what they want. Figure on 2 cups of sides per person, 1 cup for the kids. It is a given people will take more than they consume.

3. I try for 3 different types of appetizers with a 4 per adult ratio (unless they are large appetizers). That will be trying one of each of them and grabbing seconds of their favorite.

4. Beverages – depends on the length of the party really. I figure 1.5 per adult per hour, 1 per child per hour (non-alcoholic). Alcohol is a little different but some people won’t drink and some will drink more than that so I would say average 1 drink per adult per hour of the party.

5. Budget will depend on area and what type of alcohol you’re serving. Really, the biggest variable is going to be the alcohol – it is a very expensive thing. Preparing a tray of food vs. Getting it from Costco/Sam’s club pre-prepared – you’ll probably spend less at Costco than you would trying to do it yourself, especially when you factor in the time.

There are a few inexpensive appetizers and sides that can be made ahead of time, things like queso dip, meatballs, orange chicken (in crock pots) and you could certainly enlist the help of other family members in that. If you want to email me I have some large quantity recipes that I’ve used in past entertaining that have been popular.

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