Discussing Questions And Answers About Dinovite

Paul asks…

Does Dinovite really work?

My dog takes a supplement that supposedly helps him with irritating allergies. I’m eager to know, however, whether the stuff really works or I’ve been had.

Jimmy answers:

If your dog has a allergy i would recommend changing the diet before giving drugs the best thing i found for allergies is EVO and you can get it from your local pet shop

Lisa asks…

is there a cheaper version of dinovite?

i have 4 dogs and dinovite is not cheap!!!
please i need help

Jimmy answers:

You’ll need to compare the ingredients of DinoVite to other available supplements. There are many,many supplements available.

Michael asks…

Dog owners- Does anyone have any experience with the supplement Dinovite?

Has anybody had any experiences with the food supplement named Dinovite? It sure is being advertised a lot in my area, and one of the things they mention is that it helps clear up stinky ears and help with allergies. They claim that is gives the dog enzymes they need that are cooked out of their food. What do you guys think? Is this stuff of any value? Was thinking about getting some, but I don’t want to waste my money if their claims are more hype then help.

Jimmy answers:

I haven’t had experience with it, but I’m working on a Ph.D. In Biochemistry, and I think that the ingredients could improve your dog’s overall health, but maybe just not as much as the company claims. The results they are posting are most likely extreme results, but every dog would probably see some results. If you’re feeding a lower quality food (from a vet’s view, almost anything you can get at a discount store) I think you would see some improvements in your dog’s digestion. I’m not sure about allergies, but I could see it helping with ear smell based on the ingredients. One thing to note: diatomaceous earth is basically just dirt with some microorganisms in it. Just another example of how confusing science can make a product seem! I personally would buy this product if money wasn’t a big issue for you.

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