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Steven asks…

I feed raw to my Chihuahua… And I dread the upcoming vet appointment…?

I have never been to this vet before. We rescued our dog from the local HSUS. They have an agreement you must sign that says you have to go to one of the listed vets to receive a physical exam. It’s to monitor the health of the animals they adopt out. They pay for it, sure, but I’m a raw feeder and very worried about the visit.

How should I go about it? Should I even mention raw feeding or should I just say I feed insert brand here? Please, give me your stories, experiences and advice. Also, I’m worried that he/she will suggest vaccination. What should I say here?
The vaccination issues? Well, you asked so I answered.



Jimmy answers:

If you resuced your pup from a shelter they should have given you vaccination and neutering records. Seek a Holistic vet if you can, mine doesn’t believe in vaccines till 12 weeks of age in pups and also she gives Nosodes to help with any possible adverse reactions. I lost my GS at 4 to lymphoma, I checked his records from begining to end, he had his boosters and rabies all in one day and also had reactions since he was a puppy, ear itching and cronic infections, rashes etc. Make sure you look for these reactions even months after the vaccine.

Get a titer first to find out the immunity levels, other than rabies you can decline to have the boosters, it is your right as your babies spokes person. My boys rabies titer was 5:1 which is good (cost $125), when he had lymphoma, as you can never vaccinate again with cancer. If he needs vaccines request 1 at a time instead of grouped, it maybe more expensive but then they can be spaced out to avoid immunity issues / reactions with to many combos. Under no circumstance if he hasn’t had his rabies yet do not let the vet vaccinate for rabies with another vaccine on the same day or same week. Also, if he shows any signs of allergies or illness, diareah etc, do not vaccinate until it has completely cleared up. At this time his immune system is fighting off the sickness it doesn’t need to be overworked to fight the vaccine as well. I am just trying to share my personal experience. Also, I am not longer boostering my 10 year old pup, after the Lymphoma with my baby boy it opened my eyes to diet and vaccines. Pups don’t need boosters after their 1 year, only if they are show dogs, go to a groomer all the time because it is required. If you wish you can do titers.

Personally I would have the pup examined only this one time by listed vet to satisfy the rescue and then find a holistic vet for your primary. They do not believe in overvaccination, but believe in a raw or cooked diet / high quality no grain kibble vitamines etc. They believe in natural cures but if antibiotics are called for they will use them.

Hope this helps.

Carol asks…

weight loss in my dog ?? any suggestions?

my male dobe has recently lost weight,,,and is currently 28kg
he is wormed regularly,,,is on a high quality food,,,with plenty of veg etc and although always a slim dog,,have managed to previoulsy keep him at 34kg,,,,,,,,he has been to the vet who agrees that he is underweight and ordered a complete set of blood tests,,,,however they all came back clear,,,and showed his health to be good,,,after no improvement with extra food and some raw meat added to diet,,i again took him BACK to my vet for a pancreatic enzymne test to check if he may have problems digesting his food,,,and in meantime i have added digestive enzymnes to his diet,,,,while i await the blood test results..
has anyone had a dog who has suffered weight loss for no APPARENT reason,,,,if so any advice would be gratefully received…Thankyou in advance
hi,,my dog is 2 and a half years old…,,
tks vicki j,,,,i have never heard of lymphona,,,,but will keep going if these test come back clear….or get second opinin,,,his appetite is enormous,,,,,and he seems to be alway hungry,,which i explained to my vet,,,,
hi yes his original blood tests checked for raised white blood cell count diabetes,,and thyroid problems,,,,etc

Jimmy answers:

A few weeks back someone ask a question very similar to this one. Had taken the dog to the vet, did the blood tests, etc. I am going to tell you the same thing I told the previous poster, and I was right. Your vet is missing something. A dog does not lose a substantial amount of weight for no reason. There is always a cause for it. Ask him if he checked for things like lymphoma, etc. You didn’t say how old your dog is, but I guarantee you, there is a reason for this kind of weight loss. The person that ask this question I was referring to, got back to me to tell me what was wrong with his dog and I was correct. Good luck to you

Sandra asks…

I think I’m a Hypochondriac, what do you think?

I actually believe I am and my parents think I am to.

I think I have a brain tumor because my head throbs sometimes. I also think I have some sort of eye cancer because my vision is kind of weird once in a while. Sometimes my heart will hurt so I think I have heart cancer or my heart is going to fail. My lungs/organs hurt once in a while so I think I have some sort of organ disease/cancer. My muscles twitch so I think I have MS. My lymph have been swollen since I was 5 years old and I think I have lymphoma. Also my face is really pale so I think something is wrong there.

Now out of all these things don’t you think something must be wrong?

Jimmy answers:

Yes. I think you are a hypochondriac. I know how frustrating and scary it can be because i am a bit like that too.

I seriously do not think that there is anything wrong with you.

THROBBING HEAD – This could be from stress. Are you worrying about things? ( Apart from your health i mean, or it could be you worrying about your health that is causing you the stress.)
Stress can cause your head to throb because of blood pressure. This is nothing to worry about. Next time you are at your Doctors, ask them to check your blood pressure. If you have not had this done before then what happens is they put a small band around your arm attached to an electronic device which tightens around your arm and then releases. This tells them house quickly/slowly your hate rate changes. It is a bit uncomfortable and when i first had one done i was worried it would hurt. It doesn’t hurt, just feels a bit funny.
Also i find that it i haven’t eaten anything then i get dizzy when i stand and my head throbs. A throbbing head does NOT mean you have a brain tumor.

HEART/LUNGS/ORGANS HURTING – This could be as simple as indigestion. I get it a lot and yes sometimes when it feels like my heart is hurting (sort of like a sharp shooting pain and sometimes a dull ache when i move) i do get worried but its really a case of mind over matter. Take an indigestion tablet and relax. Try to breath deeply and sit up straight. A way to avoid getting indigestion is by sitting up properly when you eat, not eating too quickly and drinking water while you eat ( just little sips).

MUSCLE TWITCHES – This happens to us all! It feels funny sometimes, like someone is poking you repetitively. It does NOT mean you have MS. It can be relating to growth spurts so if you are young then there is a good chance that it is because you are growing. Nothing to worry about x. Also muscles has ‘spasms’ all the time :) its natural.

SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES – We have lymph nodes in various places in our body, in our armpits, necks and groins for example. There are many reasons that they could be inflamed and swollen. However, if you have had a swollen lymph node since you were 5 years old then you have probably been taken to the doctor to get it checked out. They would have told you what it was, ask your parents. If you havent been to the doctors then maybe you should go and have a checkup on it.
Don’t worry though, it does not mean you have lymphoma. It could be an infection or a virus.

Where is your swollen lymph node? That could help determine what it is.

PALE FACE- There are many things that can cause your face to be pale:
Not eating properly,
Not enough iron in your diet,
Not enough sun,
Sometimes medication you take can cause skin colour changes ( acne medication, etc )
Products you use on your face can affect its colour ( certain chemicals in face washes do this )

You need to stop stressing about these things. I know it is easier said than done – trust me i have been there.

I felt like an idiot… I had this ‘mole’ that was black and shiny and painful and i was convinced it was cancerous. I had never seen a mole here before and got really stressed about it.

……It turned out to be a tick from when i was walking my dog…. How embarrassed i was when i went to the doctor…..

So sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

When you feel your heart flutter or ache and when you feel like there is something seriously wrong with you i find that what helps is to take a deep breath and think to myself ‘Calm down, its only indigestion’

If you think in your head ‘It is nothing’ and take deep breaths and stay calm then it should pass x

If your parents are anything like mine then they find my ‘health concerns’ really irritating.

I know how you feel x but if you think positively it will pass.

Take care x

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