Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Diet Lymphoma

Steven asks…

Is it time to put my baby down?

Precious is 4 years old, and in Nov. 2008 she was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma.
Her lymph nodes are swollen up again, and the medication was started again about 3 weeks ago…and they are not helping.
She acts like she doesn’t want to get up to do anything (although she gets up to bark when she thinks someone has pulled up in the driveway)
She’s had runny stool for the past 4 days…She’s on a homemade diet so i thought she just wasn’t getting enough fiber or maybe it was the food. I changed her food, I’ve tried Metamucil, canned pumpkin, fasting…nothing is working
She’s been panting a lot, especially and only at night. she does it a little during the day, but nothing to worry me. At night, it’s so bad she can hardly sleep….I thought it was the Prednisone…but when she first started it, she didn’t pant that bad at all.
Today, she’s been throwing up, and she doesn’t want to eat anymore (just today).

The vet told me in time it would get worse because she has the worse stage of it…but this soon?
I don’t want her to suffer. I want her here with me, I love her like she’s my child, but I don’t want her to be in pain either, that would be selfish.

Could those symptoms be something else? Or is it time?

Jimmy answers:

You need to talk to your vet about all of your options, and realistic treatments and outcomes, and you need to realistically look at your dog’s quality of life. I am so sorry that your sweet furbaby has been struck down so young but these awful things happen with humans too. The saving grace of it happening to our pets is that we can end their suffering with humane euthanasia. I know it will hurt you but it would be best for her. Please do not wait too long. Please stay with her and hold her and talk to her. She will feel safe and secure in your loving arms and will drift off to where there is no more pain.
My thoughts and my sympathies are with you and your pup.

John asks…

Are ferrets expensive to keep?

Jimmy answers:

Ferrets are high maintenance companion animals. While they aren’t expensive to buy or get from a rescue, they require a lot of supplies. They need a large cage, but are not caged animals. They require at least 4 hours of run time a day. They need a high protein and high fat diet. They make food just for ferrets. Check out ferret.com for food if you get one, they have ferret food for half the price of pet stores. Also, DOG FOOD IS NOT OKAY! It doesn’t contain the nutrients ferrets need. Ferrets have health problems like any other animal. They can get adrenal disease, insulinoma, lymphoma, and more.Their average life span is 6 to 8 years.

Paul asks…

My cat is so stressed that she is losing her hair and not eating! please help!?

i have a 10 year old cat that started losing her hair on her earsand around neck. She has lately been acting very tired but seems able to sleep. She has also stopped eating. before yesterday she was drinking a little bit more water than usual, but we think that its because we started cuting down her wet food intake because she was almost weighing 15 pounds. We took her to the vet and they did a skin scraping to see if she had parasites on her ears and she didnt. they also did a blood test and she did come up with slightly high levels in areas that could show that she has diabetes, but they believe her symptoms are more stress related. they are going to perform another test next week to see if she has diabetes. one thing that i have noticed though is that the hair loss started happening right when we noticed that our dog was sick and ended up having lymphoma. our dog ended up passing away a week later on sept 23. she also started lying near areas where our dog spent most of her time before she passed. i was just wondering what any of you thought. And since it will be another week until the next test, i was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to get her to eat and drink. I have heard of giving her catnip to make her perky. are there any more homeopathic remedies? should i wash everything that could have my old dogs scent on it? please help my stressed kitty!

Jimmy answers:

Until you get the test results next week, this article on feline skin conditions and causes of hair loss has information you might find helpful.


Had she formed a strong bond with your dog? Grieving cats can often become depressed by the continued absence of their friend and loss of appetite is a common symptom. This article “When Cats Grieve” has lots of information and advice you might find helpful.


Vets can prescribe appetite stimulants, but something else you can try is to put a dab of wet food on the end of her nose. She should instinctively want to lick her nose clean and this little taster of food can sometimes be enough to kick-start their appetite. Personally I’d be inclined to cut the dry food out of her diet and only give her wet food as it’s healthier and less fattening. Have you tried offering her favourite foods such as a little cooked chicken to see if that will tempt her?

She seems to be taking some comfort from your dog’s scent, so I wouldn’t try to wash it away. That might make her more distressed and the scent will eventually fade anyway. Feliway plug-ins emit an aroma that cats find very soothing and it can help stressed cats feel more relaxed. Because it works by building up a sense of well-being and calm, it can sometimes take up to 3 weeks continued use before you notice the benefits. There are also natural alternatives to medication such as Bach Flower Essences (the alcohol-free version) or Zylkène. These articles explain more about how they work.



Hope the test results are good and that your cat is feeling much better soon.

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