Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food

Betty asks…

Quick question about dog food?

I was wondering if i could give my dog different types of dry dog foods. Like in the morning ill give him something like innova and then in the afternoon something Like california natural or something like that. I was just asking because my dogs gets bored with the same type of food so i was wondering if i could make things different.

Jimmy answers:

Switching dog foods on your dog gives them digestion problems. You need to stick with the same food. He isn’t getting bored, you’re just feeding him too much. If he isn’t gobbling down the food when you give it to him he’s not hungry and is being over fed. Check the bag of dog food. They will tell you how much you should feed your dog for his weight and age on a daily basis. Please don’t keep switching the dog food on him. He’ll become overweight and will have diarrhea on a constant basis. He will not be a happy dog.

Nancy asks…

Is dog food safe to eat?

I’m struggling to gather some cash so I have no money for food… is it ok to eat dry dog food?

Jimmy answers:

Dog food should be safe to eat, since standards require them to be safe for canine and therefore also human consumption.

I am deeply saddened by your circumstance and yet I need to tell you that I have known for a while that some seniors who live on fixed income (pension) sometimes admit to eating dog food while waiting for the next check to arrive.

I mean! Some of those dog foods have names such as sirloin, porterhouse steak, filet mignon , my mouth starts to water with just the names alone.LOL.

I give food and money to a homeless man with a dog who always seem to like stalking the patrons of the nearby 7-11.
Being a dog owner, I make sure the dog gets food first. I like to think that humans will give him money and food such as sandwiches etc from 7-11.

So- I was surprised when he told me that his dog is better fed than him. Maybe his benefactors buy the dog the porterhouse steak type of wet dogfood. Then that dog is better fed than me too. I only buy dry dog food.

Steven asks…

what brand of dog food ……?

what is the best brand of dog food??

Jimmy answers:

Here are some of the best dog foods:

Taste Of The Wild




Solid Gold


Blue Buffalo


Nature’s Variety


All dogs are different, a food that works for one dog may not work for another. See if you can find small samples of three different healthy brands that you want to try, and see which one your dog likes best! If you need any additional help or recommendations that this answer does not provide, you can email me at MMPanther@rock.com. Just put “Dog Food” in the subject line- and I’ll check it before anything else!

Stay away from these brands:

Ol’ Roy
Purina ONE
Purina Pro Plan
Purina Dog Chow
Science Diet
Royal Canin
Store Brands
Kibbles ‘n Bits
Mighty Dog

If you are on a VERY super tight budget, these are good foods:

Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul




***Vets will try to tell you to feed Purina, Iams, and Science Diet. But don’t feed them, they aren’t good for your dog. Vets tell you those lies because they are PAID to do so!!!! It’s sad, isn’t it?***

Here is a website that rates dog food. Go to it and enter the food of your choice. You will want a 4, 5, or 6 star rating. If the food of your choice has a 1, 2, or 3 rating that means it is usually prettycrappy food. The higher rating the better, the lower rating the worse.


Also, another great thing to feed is the raw diet. Raw is completely safe and healthy. It’s what I feed to my dog. Here are two great links about raw feeding, the healthiest thing for your dog.



Good luck choosing a healthy brand of dog food that your dog thrives on!

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