Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food

Lizzie asks…

Good dog food……………..?

I am trying to find some good dog food that is not to high because i have 8 dogs that range from pitbull puppies to adult pits and small chihuahuas. I am not sure what dog food to get…

Jimmy answers:

Kirkland dog food by costco is a good brand of food that is a reasonable price.

I feed this to my dogs.

The best thing to do to determine what suits your budget is to “shop” around.

Here’s a link to a site that talks about good and bad dog food..this will help to determine the quality of the food and then call a few places and find out their prices.


Nancy asks…

Does dog food really taste good to dogs?

Have you ever noticed that dogs spend most of their lives waiting for people to drop food? “Why is that?” I wondered until I remembered that when I was a kid and was curious enough to eat dog food. I though “maybe it tastes better to dogs that it does to me?” Considering how much time dogs spend waiting for people to drop food, how patiently they wait, and how excited they get when it actually happens, maybe dog food tastes just as bad to them as it does to us, lol If so, we should all be arrested for animal abuse, lol

With that comedic rant aside, do we really know whether or not dogs enjoy the taste of dog food?

Jimmy answers:


Dog food does not taste very good to dogs. Human food tastes much more better to dogs. The only dog food that my dog eats is wet bacon flavored can food. It includes human vegetables and it costs about $5 for a 50 pack. Some dogs like dry dog food more than wet food though. Dry dog food helps dogs with plaque and it keeps their teeth strong, hard, and healthy as well. That is why I buy the medium pack of dry food for $1, with the wet bacon flavored can food. I suggest feeding your dog half of a hand full of dry food with a full can of wet food. But, I don’t feed it all to her at once. I give her a little every time I eat so she doesn’t watch me eat, since I find it annoying. Also, I think you should give your dog a small silky milky bone at least once a week. It also keeps your dog healthy.

Hoped I helped. Good luck.

Carol asks…

a good low calorie dog food?

what is a good low calorie dog food?

Jimmy answers:

A good low calorie dog food is the one you already have that your dog likes and will eat. No need to buy “reducing diet food” just feed your pet less. Figure out how much you usually feed your dog. If you usually just dump it in the bowl until it is full, then do that, and either measure it by the cup or weigh it. Then feed him ten percent less. Weigh him once a week. Vets have scales you can use for free to weigh your pet. If he hasn’t lost anything in a couple of weeks, take away another ten percent. Gradually (very), you will reduce the amount your pet eats until he is at a normal weight then just maintain feeding him that amount, adjusting it occasionally if he loses too much or gains weight.

You MUST carefully weigh or measure the food EVERY time. Treats and leftovers are going to add up. I recommend one biscuit per day, as part of a meal, if you want to feed biscuits. The biscuit is factored into the weight or measure of food that the dog gets. Don’t give your dog leftovers from people meals.

Break the total amount of food the dog gets per day into two smaller meals so he won’t get so hungry. Give him safe, zero-calorie things to gnaw on, such as fresh, never frozen, raw big bones, keep him occupied by taking him for walks, teaching him obedience and/or tricks, give him a good brushing daily. Make sure he has some fun every day.

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