Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food

Chris asks…

How long does homemade dog food last?

I have been reading really scary things about commercial dog foods and have been really considering making my own dog food. I have been doing some research online but can’t seem to find something that tells me how long I can keep the food until it spoils. Any tips on making my own dog food?

Jimmy answers:

I make my own dog food. I make just enough for it to last two days though. Then i make more. The really healthy things to put in dog food is cooked rice,meat,cooked veggies,potatoes and stuff dogs would eat, then put it in a blender and mix it up. Add water to dry food mix half your batch with they dry food and water and voila! A luxery meal!

Linda asks…

What kinds if dog food does Powell feeds usually sell, and what kind is the best for dogs?

Their dog food is so much cheaper than what we usually get at Tractor Supply. Is Powell’s dog food a good choice to feed our three dogs? And I’m not looking for Blue buffalo quality or anything like that. We usually by “Retriever Mini Chunk” dog food, so does anyone know how Powell’s dog food would compare?

Jimmy answers:

You’re already feeding absolute crap to your dogs-don’t go any lower. The cheapest food at TSC that is worth feeding is Diamond Naturals-you can find that for as low as $23 for a large bag. It’s healthier than that Retriever crap, and the dogs eat less of it (because it provides more nutrition than the other).

If you’re talking about Powell Feed in Arkansas, they carry Diamond Naturals, as well as Purina Mills products (NOT related to the kind of Purina foods in the grocery store-this is a different company). Purina Mills makes a product called PMI Exclusive, which has a good Lamb & Rice product, as well as a new, holistic line (which is expensive).

Steven asks…

If dog food is bad for dogs than what should we feed them?

I just ask a question on what food dogs can’t eat and there was a long list, practically almost everything.
I am planning to get a dog and want to know everything I can.

Jimmy answers:

Many people decide to cook at home for their pets, which is being suggested by many vets. There has been an uproar about what dogs are allergic to.

I read an article about Golden Retrievers. It said that Goldens can be sensitive to corn, wheat and soy. Their food consists of wheat, so basically, many Golden Retrievers were having problems that could be easily avoided.

“People food” has turned out to be OK for dogs, but not too much. But of course, stay away from chocolate etc.

As I said, many people have turned to cooking for their dogs.

Best of Luck! :o )

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