Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food

Susan asks…

Does the food your dog eat really make a difference in how much he defacates?

I have fed my lab Purina Dog chow since the day I brought him home. My son says only feed him this kind of dog food or he will poop all over the garage while I am gone to work. My son was buying the dog food until he moved out about a week ago. I buy dog food in 50 lb bags 5 at a time. Its on sale now so I am thinking about getting a couple more bags.
My friend told me he gets his dog generic dog food and it works just as well and is cheaper. What is your take on dog food and should I just stick to the 50 lb bags of Purina Dog Chow?

Jimmy answers:

Changing your dog’s food could cause temporary diarrhea. Also, some dog foods could cause your dog to poop more in that they may be less nutritious and so your dog will need to eat more to get the same amount of nutrition (the cheaper foods may have more filler.)


Sharon asks…

What is the best dog food to feed my baby male Yorkie?

I am going to pick up my Yorkie for the first time on Friday. I can’t wait to get him home, but I am also concerned on what type of food to give him. I want my puppy to be healthy and happy but I want hime to also find his food tasty..and not nasty like most healthy dog foods. The breeder I bought him from has been feeding him Beniful. But he dosen’t particularly like it. Any suggestions on a healthy tasty dog food for puppys?
What does your puppy eat and enjoy?

P.S. I also want to give him treats, I figured I would give him fruitloops as a special treat since yorkies are prone to low-blood sugar….is this a good idea? or should i find something else for him?

Any other information on how to keep my puppy healthy and happy is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Oh yeah I am 15 and getting him for my birthday!

Jimmy answers:

A median priced food that was not on the recall lists with the melamine etc. Is Nature’s Recipe which does not have corn, wheat, soy or artificial dyes. Also doesn’t have BHA or BHT and is readily available in large Pet Stores like PetSmart or PetCo. Most other brands sold there have been in multiple recalls for both dry and wet.
Beneful wasn’t recalled, but it has lots of junk in it, allergy causing product. Avoid foods that list wheat, corn or soy in their ingredients.
When you change food, do it gradually over a week and a half or so. Start feeding the old food (3/4) with 1/4 new food for a few days and if tolerated well, then give 1/2 old and 1/2 new- same progression then 3/4 new and 1/4 old then all new. You can add a few teaspoons of pumpkin pie filling to the food while changing over as it tends to settle a dogs stomach and prevent a reaction like diarrhea which happens sometimes when changing food.
Royal Canin makes food for the breed and another food called “Baby Dog” but it had been heavily involved in recalls. Unfortunately, many many brands were manufactured at the same plant where common ingredients used in different brands contaminated food.


I’d stay away from Natural Balance because they were also heavily involved in recalls and recently again had recalled canned foods, this time for botulism. See itchmo.com for details.
Fruit Loops aren’t good for people or for dogs, but a few won’t kill him. There are many good treats that are healthy, or at least designed for dogs, to use instead.
There is a doggie Ice Cream called “Frosty Paws” which many large grocery stores carry like Randall’s, Kroger’s, Super Target, etc. Call ahead to one in your area and ask if they have this in stock. It’s usually in the ice-cream section but is actually made for dogs. Comes in four cups to a box and dogs just LOVE this!
Also there are freeze dried liver treats you can get from Pet Stores, and Yogurt Drops for dogs that are made in Germany.
Avoid rawhides because dogs sometimes swallow big pieces they loosen and then get sick and some have formaldehyde in them and the white ones are sometimes soaked in bleach during their processing. BLECCH.
But Nylabones (inedible kind) and Kongs make fun toys to exercise teeth and gums on.

Mary asks…

What is the best dog food, for dogs with senstive stomches?

My dog has been throwing up alot, and shes otherwise healthy according to the vet. I think it might be her dog food (authority) and i was wondering what the best all-natrual dog food would be. I know theres nutro, but there has to be something better than that.

Jimmy answers:

Is your dog throwing up food? Or is she throwing up bile?

Through trial and error, I figured out that my dog Bailey throws up yellow bile if her tummy is empty. So I divide her daily ration into 4 servings, and feed her at breakfast, lunch, supper, and bedtime. It’s sometimes not convenient, but I don’t mind doing it if it makes her feel better.

Another problem I’ve noticed with dogs is that they sometimes eat too fast, and that causes them to throw up after eating. If that’s what’s going on with your dog, spread the kibbles out over a dinner plate so that she can’t gulp such big mouthfuls.

If you’re looking for a different food, you might want to check out Eukanuba Sensitive Stomach. Here’s a link to all the details: http://www.eukanuba.com/EukGlobal/US/en/jsp/product/productDetail/Sensitive%20Stomach.jsp?id=1036. This is a fabulous food that has been scientifically formulated specifically for dogs with tummy troubles. And it has a satisfaction guarantee.

I work in Consumer Relations for Eukanuba, and if you would like a coupon to try Sensitive Stomach call us at 800-423-6036.

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