Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Michael asks…

Dog has a food allergy?

I took my girl to the vet yesterday for a ear infection. He asked me if she nibbles on her feet or ever drag her butt. Both of my dogs do that and my female has been itching her ear. Anyway they told me to switch from the Canadea brand I have fed them for 2 years to Purina Pro sensitive and have it be fish based, due to a food allergy.Has anyone used this before and what do they think.
Thanks for all the great answers, I agree I haven’t heard good things about purina. Im going to see if wellness has a fish base. Haven’t switched yet, still doing homework

Jimmy answers:

Did you mean Canidae dog food? IT is better than purina, they do have a fish formula as well.
Order of the most common offenders in dogs are beef, dairy products, chicken, lamb, fish, chicken eggs, corn, wheat, and soy.
It takes 12 weeks on the new food to see improvement.

Chris asks…

How does a dog with no food allergy but has allergies benefit from a grain free dog food?

Duke has allergies and scratches all the time and I have been reading this disease he has and it said to -Some dogs with atopy benefit from switching to a higher-quality dog food, even if they don’t have a food allergy. And if they are allergic to house dust mites, they often cross-react with grain mites and will benefit from a canned food or kibble that has no grain.


so i bought some canned grain free dog food and its been 3 days and he has scratched less then he has been,even my dogs seborrhea went away for the time being.

Jimmy answers:

Dogs are naturally true Omnivores. They do need a certain amount of good fiber and high quality protein. I feed a grain free kibble and a raw diet. I just recently switch to a local company in my area called, Darwin’s, instead of grinding meat myself. Darwin’s offers menus for dogs as well as cats. For dry kibble I offer FirstMate. I give them treats like, raw chicken necks to help clean their teeth(small dogs, large dogs like turkey necks). Deer antlers are a new one too. Dogs love to chew on those.

As a retired groomer/trainer I have seen so many dogs with skin conditions and allergies. It lead me to researching dog food companies. In that I pursued educating myself as well as my clients on the benefits of raw/grain free diets. Some people cannot stand the idea of touching raw meat. But they could at least understand the grain free aspect.

Pet foods that you get at the grocery store and even Pet Supply stores have an ingredient list. I think we all understand that the first ingredient listed has the most percentage of use in the meal. If you do your research you will see that often times these percentage based parts of the meal are sub par fillers. As an added insult to injury, these same companies contract out places like McDonald’s who use oil to fry foods. They collect the grease from their fryers and stowe it in 55 gallons drums, often out in 100 plus degree heat. Letting it get rancid. They then truck it into the plants where they spray it on the kibble and add it to canned foods to make the meal more palatable to dogs. Now that they have this food they market it by guilt tripping owners/pet parents into believing that if they do not feed this food they do not love their dog(s). So a bag of dog food that took maybe a dollar to produce is now going to cost you over $35. And those companies keep right on trucking on pumping crap into the market.

So for a seemingly healthy dog:switching to grain free can often times solve many problems like skin conditions, eye problems, breathe and stool smells(even stool size), chewing paw pads and even fleas. Their immune system defends them better. It also promotes a longer life span. Their attention span is better as they are more alert and ready to accept training. Imagine eating fried food from a fast food joint all your life. You are not going to be at your top performance even if you do exercise regularly.

I would say do some research into dog food. You can google ingredient lists and their meanings. Find products that do not say “meal” or “by-product”. Look for potato instead of rice as a fiber choice. You say it has been three days since you fed the grain free. I have a rescue that I adopted. He came off of Purina. He blew his coat and was not at a good weight. After three months of a raw based diet and grain free kibble he is; active, healthy, has a skinny coat, more alert/social and flea free(without any treatments). Imagine how your dog will be in a few months.

I am giving you two links to the foods I feed. I in no way work for these companies or get paid by these companies. I only include them in this answer so you can see the menu and list of ingredients. You will also be able to read and follow links through these web pages that can give you more information and education on dog foods in general.



Good luck and thanks for opening this discussion.

Betty asks…

Help with dog food please allergies.?

I have a beagle and he is about a year and a half old. I believe he has a food allergy. He eats pedigree beef or chicken dog food. He is so itchy poor thing. He bites his foot, and scratches his belly. His ears are red. I feel so bad. I just recently found out about this allergy by a lot of research. He has been to the vet but they said it was his “itch spot” which really upset me. I need some information on how to sooth his discomfort. I’ve tried benadryl and it doesn’t help. I’m going to change his diet I just need to get to the store. Any ideas on food for him and how long it will take to help him. I have also given him a oatmeal bath specifically for itch. Didn’t work.

Jimmy answers:

Switch your dog over to a lamb and rice diet. Try Nutro. Very good dog food! DO NOT feed him anything else! Feed him the lamb and rice treats too!! No table scraps! I guarantee you your dog will have a better looking coat in 1 month. Ive worked at a pet store for 5 yrs and i have to take monthly test on foods and why they are good! GOOD LUCK!

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