Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Chris asks…

Dog food for allergies?

I took my 8 year old male pomeranian to the vet about itching. She said it was food allergies and said he was allergic to beef pork and chicken. She gave me some venneson and potatoe dog food but my dog doesn’t like it and wont eat it. What are some other foods I can buy him for allergies

Jimmy answers:

Orijen6 Fish is a great food and is only made with fish and is one of the foods I feed. Acana Pacifica is another fish based food. Acana Grasslands is Lamb and duck based. Wellness CORE makes a fish based food. Canidae grain free pure Land is bison and Lamb based. Orijen Regional Red is red meat based with no beef (except beef liver, don’t know if your dog will react to that). There are plenty of foods out there, you just have to look.

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George asks…

Help:my dog’s food allergy problem.?

My GSD is allergic to most of the dog food out there. i am getting him IVD potato and duck formula. but it is very expensive ( $90 per 40lbs). is there any alternative that i can choose?

Jimmy answers:

Well i have some friends that have dogs that are allergic to almost every food as well. And the 3 that they have had great results with are EVO Red Meat Large Bites, Taste of the Wild, and Orijen. All three of these food are grain-free. Which make it great for dogs with food allergies. All these foods are 6 out of 6 stars. All these foods are great and have fantastic ingredients. And these foods have worked out great for dogs with food allergies. :) I feed the Taste of the Wild “wetlands formula” it has real duck meat but my dogs don’t have allergies but i do have a friend who feeds taste of the wild and her dog has allergies and ever since he has been on this food he has done great on it.

Here are the Websites to each dog food to find a store near you that carries them and these foods are much less then what you are paying:::::

EVO Dog Food::::


Taste of the Wild dog food:::


Orijen dog food:::::


*Good Luck and i Hope this Helps! :)

Ken asks…

What brand of dog food would be good for a dog with allergies?

My mom’s dog has really bad, itchy skin so she’s decided to put him on better food, currently he is eating Purina Little Bites. I read that pretty much anything you can buy at a grocery store is no good, and that for allergies it would be best to go grain free (right?).
Anyway, can someone suggest a good food? Like most people, she isn’t super rich, so if it’s not like, $30 for a 5lb bag, that’d be great lol

Jimmy answers:

My previous dog has severe allergies to several animal proteins and i put her on natural balance grain free limited ingredient kibble … I picked a protein source (the salmon one) that she had not had before … It was reasonably priced and they even have limited ingredient treats too … It was not till i was strict with pretty much giving her only kibble and those treats that she got significantly better …


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