Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Sandra asks…

My dog has food allergies?

My vet has told me that he has food allergy’s and not allowed to have any meat protein, hes on a hypoallergenic diet for the rest of his life, and hes also having rice and veges with cottage cheese, just wondering what else hes allowed with this condition??? Thanks

Jimmy answers:

Our dog had food allergies as well. We got tons of absolute “This is the problem…” advice from vets and even pet store food hawksters. A vet isn’t any better than a regular doctor (ever gotten bad advice from one of them?) We tried different brands and combos of food, and finally found one that worked for ours… Science Diet Lamb and Rice.

That particular brand/combo may not work for your dog, but try different ones if the allergic reaction isn’t too severe.

Paul asks…

I think my dog has food allergies?

Okay so about a month ago my dog had a really bad hot spot. I was keeping an eye on it then one day I got home from work and it was huge really bloody and raw. So I took her to the vet, they had to shave her And sedate her. She was put on antibiotics, and was given some powder to help the itch. 700 dollars later, it did get better. The vet told me that she might have a food allergy and gaveme a prescription for some food but it’s way too expensive. So I wanted to waited to see if it happened again. Last night I found that she had another hotspot in the process it’s way smaller then before so I put the flea collar on her. And some of the itching powder I have left over.
Now I’m thinking she does have a food allergy she licks her paws a lot. And scratches. I honestly can’t afford the food the vet prescribed its almost 100 bucks a bag.
Anyone had a problem like this? Please help me figure out what a good food is for my dog.
I heard a lot of dogs are allergic to wheat and soy. I just can’t afford another vet visit. Or that food, so if there is any dog food that helped you out in the past and worked please let me know.

** my dog is about 1 1/2 and she is a German Shepard Lab mix
Thank you so much.

Jimmy answers:

First, I would recommend switching up meat proteins as that could sometimes be the issue. So if you are feeding a chicken based food try out a lamb based food. I would also recommend staying away from any food that uses the corn or wheat as those can be big allergy issues as well. Try to find a good lamb and rice formula. Then if that still doesn’t clear it up, try out a grain free formula.

Personally, I feed my lab Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult in the Lamb, and Whole Brown Rice formula. It is great for skin and coat allergies and he does extremely well on it. The Natural Choice food is the only one with a guarantee to improve the skin and coat of dogs on the bag as well. It doesn’t have any chicken, corn or wheat in it and helps to eliminate allergies. I would recommend you to try that food out and see if that helps. Natural Choice also does have Grain Free formulas as well if the lamb doesn’t help.

I hope your pup feels better!

Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

Jenny asks…

What to do about my dog’s food allergies?

I use to feed my dog pedigree and then I switched because I heard it wasn’t a good brand and I noticed he licked his paws occasionally. So I switched to blue buffalo wilderness small breed dog food. Then he lost weight (sigh)……..so I started mixing his old food in with the new food. Now I notice he licks his paws constantly! Omg what is wrong with this dog. I guess it doesn’t help that I also give him wet pedigree food and I have no clue what he’s allergic to? My guess its chicken but who knows it could be anything. I asked my vet what I could do about it and she said I could go back to the old food or give him bordatellia (however you spell it). And no I in no way want my dog high all the time. So does anyone have any other suggestions on what I can do about my dog‘s food allergies?? Has anyone had a similar problem? Or what other good brands do you recommend that don’t really cause food allergies?

Jimmy answers:

Try a food that has no corn, wheat or soy. If he isn’t picky then go for lamb, it’s easier on their tummies. When you are checking ingredients even if the advertised meat isn’t chicken their is very likely still chicken meal, fat or bi-product in it. Unless it is a diagnosed chicken allergy this isn’t usually a problem. One food that I love and recommended a lot was Nature’s Variety. Diamond, Pinnacle, Acana and Orejen are also great foods.

Sometimes it can be a nervous problem, make sure your dog is getting the recommended amount of exercise, is flea free and you’re not over bathing. Hope this helps

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