Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Helen asks…

Does my dog have food allergies?

My 8 month old yorkie poo always rubs his face along the carpet, on me or where ever after he finishes eating any food other than kibble. Does this mean he’s allergic to everything else I feed him (chicken, beef, cheese, etc.)?

Jimmy answers:

It doesn’t necessarily mean your dog has allergies.

Face rubbing is a common food allergy symptom, however there is usually other symptoms as well.

If you are concerned you can talk with your vet about allergy testing.

Lizzie asks…

What brand of dog food would be best?

I have three dogs, one is new to the pack. She is allergic to corn and other gluten by products. She has kidney infection with too much protien in the food. Also, I have a limit budget.
What dog food brand and type have you had success with? And what would you recommand for dogs with allergies?

Jimmy answers:

I have 2 dogs, and one has allergies… We’ve been through multiple food changes and I’ve finally found something I’m really happy with. It’s called Flint River Ranch and it’s a holistic food that’s made with human-grade ingredients and oven-baked for freshness and easy digestibility. They have allergy formulas and my dogs are currently on the Trout & Sweet Potato one. They have cat food too and my cats LOVE it as well.

I’d be happy to share more info. If you’re interested.

Paul asks…

Best tasting dog foods?

First off, before any body says something smart about me eating dog food, read this: this is for my dog, not me.

I know my dog doesn’t like his food. I feed him in the morning and at night and almost never does he eat everything in his bowl. I’m feeding him the Purina One Beyond.

I know he’s not sick, because it’s always been like this. I just need to find a food that he likes and is healthy for him. I try to find the best quality food I can find at the grocery store (i’m only 14. i can’t really convince my mom to go out of her way to Petsmart and spend $50 on dog food every couple of weeks).

Are there any good tasting dog foods that my dog will like?


–Concerned Owner of a Picky Dog

Jimmy answers:

Your dog is likely picky because he knows when something is good for him.

Most dog food at the grocery stores (though it’s slowly changing) is mostly corn based and is not good for dogs and very bad for some.

Corn gluten and corn byproducts can cause allergies at best and digestive disorders at worst.

My guess is it has more to do with the way corn is grown and processed with pesticides, etc. Plus it’s fattening because it’s high in carbs.

Look for a wheat free and corn free dry food and mix with a few pieces of rare beef, lightly boiled chicken or fish plus a few veggie pieces (if he likes veggies) like carrots and sweet potato.

Regular potatoes are NOT good for dogs and absolutely no raw or cooked onions – so be careful with any table scraps that might contain those.

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