Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

George asks…

Opinions about Canidae dry dog food?

OK, so after some hard research I have decided to put my Boxer on Canidae All Life Stages dry dog food. So far so good and I have mixed it with his food he was eating before and he seems to love it. I checked out this food on http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ and the food was good and recommended. I was also pleased to see that for a good dog food it was only $3 extra from what I was feeding him which was Eagle Pack Natural, not holistic. The eagle pack was rated a 2 start food and has corn as a filler in it so I have taken him off that crap. I wanted to know good/bad opinions about Canidae food. Please do not suggested another brand as I have made my mindup about this one and he’s already started on it. Thanks.
OK, let me rephrase my question here -
I am wanting to know others experience of using this foog – any good/bad experience.

Jimmy answers:

Canidae dog food is a high quality dog food that has been around for years. I like it because it is organic. It doesn’t contain the fillers or corn and wheat flour that many dogs are allergic to, instead it contains brown rice. A couple of my dogs have allergies and have had no problems with Canidae.
The reason it’s not that expensive, is because the other dog food companies know that their brands are easier to get sometimes, vets carry their brands, etc.. So they know they can charge more for their food knowing people will pay for it if it’s more convenient to buy. Where I live, Canidae is actually cheaper than other brands like Science Diet.
My dogs love the food. They see it almost like a treat.
The only bad thing is that they don’t have a puppy food. Just one stage for all ages, except for they do have a “Platinum” version for older dogs.
All of my dogs have done well on the dog food. It is very rich though, so if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, you may not want to give them as much.
I recommend the dog food.
Best of luck. Hope I helped.

Laura asks…

Dog Allergies??

i have a female dog who is part pitbull and part greyhound. she is the sweetest dog in the world and she has these terrible allergies. (we suppose) she will get to the point where she will scratch herself on anything possible, with her claws, paws, teeth, etc. and with furniture, the carpet, and even people. obviously after all of the scratching she has sores, scabs and is bleeding all over the place.

we’ve taken her to a bunch of different vets but they havent been able to do anything except charge a lot of money. theyve given us some pretnozone (sp) and it keeps her from itching herself, but causes her to gain a lot of weight since shes eats a lot while on it. and it deteriorates her muscle, she is very weak and can barely walk up our stairs.

so naturally we have lowered her dosage of the pills but now shes gone back to itching. it seems she needs about 2-3 a day. my question is if anybody has any ideas to a solution or experience with this problem to please help.
we are running out of options since we have basically no more money and another dog who hurt his neck somehow and has to get xrays next week. please help us before the inevitable comes to us and we have to put her to sleep. the pretnozone also acts on her liver…
also (i forgot to add because of a lack of rom on my Q) after lowering her dosage of the pretnozone (sp) she is getting these blister-like bumps on her stomach that she never got before. they are redish with a white bubble-like thing on it (kind of like a big pimple) i dont know what means but she doesnt have to scratch anything to get these. she just breaks out in them like a huge allergic reaction. but again, she only gets them when we lower her dosage of pretnozone.
i forgot to mention that tests confirm that she is allergic to dust mites. its a pretty fague (sp) diagnosis and we did get one of those air purifyer things, but shes still being tested for food allergies.

and in response to pennee, im not really going to get into th money ishue but we cant seem to do anything, this has been going on for several monthes and we are worse in then when this started. nothing seems to work and weve tried a s**t load of different bathing supplies, medication, ointments, lotions, none of them work.
weve also tried several different types of the food that the vet gives out, they turned our worse than the all of the scrubs and such.

Jimmy answers:

Has it been determined if they’re food or environmental allergies? You may have to take your dog in for allergy tests if you don’t know. Pit Bulls are prone to have allergies, usually food allergies.

If you think it’s food, you could try the ‘elimination diet’ or you could try to eliminate wheat, corn and soy from her diet at first. They are the usual suspects when it comes to food allergies. They’re also terrible for their skin and coat. If you eliminate those from her diet, and that’s what the problem is…you should see an improvement in less than 2 weeks. It could also be a protein that she’s allergic too, but that is usually less likely.

I’m assuming your dog also has ‘dandruff’. Add an omega 3 fatty acid (like a fish oil) to her diet. You can get it at a pet food store or human grade at a drug store. If you get it at a pet food store, read the label. Some have wheat in them.

My dog has Atopic Dermatitis (dry skin) from food allergies, I was lucky….I eliminated wheat, corn and soy from her diet and had no more problems, so I never had to have allergy tests done.

The bumps on her stomach could be a secondary condition from her itchy skin. It could be a bacterial infection. Dogs with Atopic Dermatitis have secondary conditions like bacterial skin infections and yeast ear infections.

If it’s environmental, then it could be seasonal. If it’s not seasonal…you will definately have to have allergy tests done.

Good luck!!!

Mark asks…

how can you tell if a dog has a food allergy?

I am just wondering.
<When he as younger I fed him Kibbles n bits, but it only made him have the runs, then I fed him Iams and the same thing happened. so then I asked my work what to feed him and the person I asked said you work at a vet. That didn't mean anything to me so i just got a different bag and he was fine.

Did he have a food allergy to just those 2 foods or would that be to all foods like that?
Dakota is fine when she ate Kibbles n bits.

I don’t feed that to them anymore but the food i feed now thy are fine on or seem fine on.

2nd question-
If i bought a can of grain less dog food how long would it take for a dog who scratches all the time to stop?

I read in an allergy book about what Duke has (AD-Atopy) that it could most be a food allergy but also a inhalant allergy.
yes all the time but he has Atopic Dermatitis which makes him scratch all the time as well so its hard to tell if he is scratching from the food or both.

i was planning on switching him to a grain less dog food cause he could have a food allergy.
he don’t get ear infections. his ears are warm though which comes with the Atopy.

Jimmy answers:

To trail whether your dog has a food allergy you need to put on on food that he has never eaten before. Im from Australia so we normally recommend kangaroo meat and sweet potato as its uncommon for a dog to have tried it.
You do however have to keep the “trail diet” going for a minimum of two months however (with no treats!!) to get an accurate result.

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