Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Linda asks…

Is Purina Pro plan a good dog food a dog with allergies?

My minature schnazuer has skin allergies, so I switched his dog food from Iams to Purina Pro Plan. It says that it protects the skin, but I dont know if it protects from skin allergies. If you have used this product could you please tell me how well it worked or how it didn’t work for your dig.

Jimmy answers:

No. The Purina brand is loaded with fillers (such as corn) and chemicals. It’s just as bad as IAMS.

Here are some better brands to try (just be sure to switch slowly):
Solid Gold
Natural Choice
Blue Buffalo
Taste of the Wild

Ol’ Roy
Kibbles ‘n’ Bits
Anything you can buy in Wal-Mart

Charles asks…

Healthiest dog food on market for dog with allergies?

we used to have her on purina puppy chow but she developed sores around her mouth that the vet says is either caused by enviornmental allegies or food allergies so we switched her food to science diet and i was just wondering what other people thought or reccomend! thanks will choose a best answer!

Jimmy answers:

Oh Michelle, Purina and Pedigree are horrible, horrible brands. And believe it or not, so is science diet! Vets learn nothing about nutrition in their education, which is why I began studying canine nutrition over 6 years ago. Please refer to my link below about 5 dangerous ingredients to avoid, there’s more, but it’s a good reference. If the dog has allergies please do not be encouraged to get any brand that has Potatoes. Potatoes are a number one aggravant and I will never understand why manufacturers use it in “allergy” formulas. Many rescues that I pull off death row or am called to help due to poor health have food allergy issues. Hands down, the BEST #1 kibble that I found for these dogs is Holistic Select Duck & Oatmeal radiant health formula. Please know that I tried many over the years and there is absolutely no other kibble that has benefitted the dogs like the HS Duck & Oatmeal. The idea that grain is the problem is really a myth. It’s nutrition and in respect to kibble, the line up of the ingredients (you don’t want peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots in the top 7 ingredients). To explain the effects of ingredient ratio on the GI tract would be too involved for this post so I will just answer your immediate question with the above, proven, suggestion. Your dog would also benefit from supplements, raw meat treats (but FREEZE meat 24 hours first and then allow to thaw before serving. I like to “sear” it a little in a toaster oven before serving. Some dogs need to get used to raw gradually.), and other fresh foods. If she already has shown a reaction, like you described around the mouth) then her immune system is comprised from excessive Candidia. Switching to the recommended kibble alone will definitely help but I can also provide you a list of fresh foods that are beneficial and a list to avoid. Most especially, I highly recommend that you avoid any foods (including treats) found in grocery stores and discount stores like Target. They are simply not quality. You can contact me through my site if you’d like some more nutritional info. I’ll do anything I can to help a caring parent provide their dog the best nutrition possible and really appreciate that you are out there looking for answers.

George asks…

What is the best kind of treats for a dog with severe food allergies?

I have a Min Pin who can eat only boiled chicken and rice, regular dog food makes him extremely sick with diarrhea and vomiting and that’s only if he chooses to eat it. If any one knows of a dog treat that might work for him let me know, it would be amazing to be able to give him a treat every now and then!

Jimmy answers:

In the 90′s Purina developed a revolutionary Veterinary diet for dogs with food allergies. It is based on the molecular weight of protein molecules and the understanding that low molecular weight proteins are hypoallergenic. You might ask your Vet about this diet for your dog.
The good news for you is that they have put the same technology in a snack form. I’ll link to both the diet and the snack product below. You’ll have to get them from your Vet.
Another option for you is to cube up some of the boiled chicken into bite size pieces and use those for treats. Keep them in the fridge when not in use.

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