Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know a good all natural dog food for dogs with allergies?

My schnauzer has a horrible itchy skin condition. I do not trust vet dog food because I mean look at all those chemicals on the ingredient list! My dogs on Hills Prescription diet, and I just have a bad feeling about it. Anyone effectively treated this problem NATURALLY????? How? Thanks.

Jimmy answers:

It is helpful to try and figure out what the dog is allergic to … There are environmental allergies so if you live somewhere with 4 distinct seasons and your dog gets better at certain times of the year, your dog might have environmental allergies which would require antihistamines … There is no fix for environmental allergies … If your dog is allergic year round with no difference in seasons, the dog might have a food or protein allergy … A 3 month elimination diet would be the best place to start if it is a food allergy … If the dog is allergic to animal protiens foods like orijen, wellness, evo would be absolutely the WORST as these foods are almost double the protein an adult pet dog needs (average pet dog requires approximately 18% protein, which is about the amount of protein a dog would receive eating a raw diet) … I have a dog with severe allergies and she requires a unique protein source and limited, simple carbs … No treats or chewies as they contain colour, flavourings, preservatives, also very allergenic … Avoid chicken, avoid lamb, avoid corn, avoid by-products … And no, there is no way to treat it naturally … Think about it, if there was a way to treat allergies naturally, humans would then be treated naturally … I work for an allergist and the people who choose holistic allergy care are the laugh of the office, as it is scientifically not possible to treat allergies naturally unless you are talking avoidance and those patients all end up coming back for real treatment … You are right to not take advice on food from your vet, especially a vet who suggests science diet … My dog has been on antihistamines and prednisone for her entire life and only recently i found a food that she is off meds and has normal skin, no more infections, no scratching (it is made where i live so not sure if available where you are – http://www.firstmate.com/dog_food.aspx?guid=38F-8C95EF820A13) …

Wellness simple salmon – http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/product-details.aspx?pet=dog&pid=50&dm=allergy

halo spot’s stew wild salmon – http://shop.halopets.com/Dry-Dog/Adult-Dog-Dry-Salmon-4lb

nature’s balance vegetarian – http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/dogformulas/Vegetarian.html

all of these foods will help a dog with animal protein allergies … Many people will suggest testing but just so you know testing is a waste of time … I had my dog tested by a specialist and she received immunotherapy for a year with no improvement whatsoever … It is the same as allergy testing for humans, that too is hit or miss … And also don’t think a raw diet will fix the allergies … My dogs skin almost fell off on raw diets (BARF and prey model) … Evo food was very detrimental for my dog … Orijen was awful for her, as was california natural, taste of the wild and science diet z/d … All of those foods made my dog significantly worse … Good luck, i know how hard it is to find a good food that will work for your pet …

Richard asks…

what is the best dog food to feed my dog that might have food allergies?

im feeding him beneful wet and dry dog food and it seems to make him itch i just got the dog a couple days ago

Jimmy answers:

Are you sure it’s the Beneful that is making him itch?

Inhalant allergies, seasonal allergies, and contact allergies are the most common types of allergies. Food allergies are the least. Have you switched detergents, gotten new perfumes, or anything like that? Has the pollen count in your area recently risen? Any of those things could be causing the itchiness. Does your dog have evidence of fleas? Flea allergies are EXTREMELY common.

Honestly, you can try switching his food, but switching food doesn’t work in most cases. If you do decide to switch his food, make sure you gradually switch foods by mixing the two together over a week gradually increasing the new food and decreasing the old food. This will prevent any stomach issues caused by switching foods.

If the food switching doesn’t work, I would contact your vet and ask what they suggest for allergy issues.

Ruth asks…

Is Addiction brand dog food good for dog’s with allergies?

My yorkie has been diagnosed with allergies, and suffers from terrible itching. The vet believes the allergy may be related to his food. Has anyone had any success out of using Addiction brand dog food in Kangeroo and Apples in dealing with their dog‘s allergies?

Jimmy answers:

I use James Wellbeloved Dog food – works for my dogs! (UK based)

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