Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Allergies

Susan asks…

If your dog has allergies to its food, what do you all recommend feeding the dog that has allergies?

What dog foods do you use, and where do you buy it.

Jimmy answers:

I have a German Shepherd dog that has seasonal allergies and food allergies. I feed him a raw diet most of the times but when I get lazy I feed Solid Gold Holistic Blend. It is available all over the country, here in Illinois I buy it at pet supplies plus. Some more good foods for dogs with allergies are Natural Balance Potato and Duck formula, Canidae, and Wellness. These are sold in most pet supply stores . Basically you need to stay away from foods that have corn, soy, wheat, eggs and beef these are top allergy problem foods. Go with a food that has duck or venison and try to find holistic dog foods. They are a little more expensive when buying but overall they tend to be cheaper in the long run because you feed less. I hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

Know of a high quality, limited ingredient dog food for a dog with possible food allergies? ?

I don’t want to feed something with a bunch of fillers like science diet, eukanuba or nutro.
I guess I should add that his allergies make his skin really itchy and dry. It is not fleas or a grass allergy, so I want to start wtih an elimination diet. I’m sure Nutro natural choice is a fine dog food, but it has a lot of stuff in it. I’m looking for a one protein, one carb sorta deal.

Jimmy answers:

Natural balance limited ingredient , wellness core , and taste of the wild for a few … All are good brands.
The natural balance comes in a venison and sweet potato formula that my dogs love.

Carol asks…

Can you have your dog tested for food allergies?

I just bought her from a pound. I am trying to figure out what she will eat. I went through six foods. I finally found one. But I have tried her on some people food. She likes cheese, and milk. She throws up eggs, and won’t get within ten feet of sweets. I have never had a dog that didn’t want everything I ate. I’m afraid she knows her allergies but I don’t. What if she is allergic to something in her shots? Are food allergies correlated to what’s in shots?
Thank you all for your responses. I would like to respond to one individual about “raw eggs”. I don’t eat raw eggs nor have any dogs I’ve ever owned. They were scrambled. My other dogs lived 15 and 13 years and died of old age. The vet always said I took great care of them and they were never overweight.

Jimmy answers:

If you have found a food that she likes and doesn’t result in her pebble-dashing your house, then I’d stick with that food and spare her the stress and upset of a food alergy test.

I have 2 cats, not (a) dog but one of my cats loves milk, the other hates it but they both love a small cube of cheese once a week. All animals are different in their likes and dislikes and if you got her from a dog pound they may be feeding the dogs on cheaper brands to save money, which is why she could be very reluctant to try your foods as they are stronger smelling and ‘alien’ to her.

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