Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Analysis

Nancy asks…

What Should Be The Guaranteed Analysis For Dog Food?

Just wondering what percent should the Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, crude protein/fat, and other things should be.

Jimmy answers:

That doesnt matter so much, as long as you choose a decent grain-free dog food (eg. Orijen, wellness, acana, blue buffalo). These brands all have the right analysis/omega/dha etc.They all mimic a dogs natural diet, as pet food companies cheap out on every ingredient in order to make money. They use cheap grain fillers and preservatives such as ethoxyquin that cause cancer and are banned from human food (google it and see what its doing to your dog). I read that cats and dogs lives have been getting shorter and shorter since it was introduced in the 50′s. Cheap brands are slowly damaging dogs organs and health, its just a matter of when it catches up with them (kinda like smoking). These brands cost a bit more, as they are more expensive to manufacture but I think its definitely worth it for my dogs :)

These links should help

Steven asks…

question about changing dog foods?

we are adopting a boxer who is currently on purina dog chow. this is not a food i would normally feed any animal, as it contains poultry by-product not to mention some other unidentifiables. i know you are supposed to wait until they acclimate to their new home, but is there anything i can add to her diet to supplement her so that later once she is acclimated to our home, i can put her on something healthier. any tips would be appreciated.

Jimmy answers:

Every dog is different. Some dogs have a really hard time changing foods. But some don’t. My dog will eat anything he’s around and has never had a problem with the different foods. I have had to move three times and different dog foods are available in each town. My dog switches without any problems. In fact, ever time we start a new food, I try to mix in a little of his old stuff in with the new food and he will pick out the new food and just eat it since it’s new and different than what he was been eating.

I got my pup during the dog food recall and he had been eating something on the recall list so I just stopped him cold turkey and started him on Nutro Max (it was the only thing on the dog food analysis list I could get in my area).

On a different note, I would recommend Nutro Ultra. Out of all of the foods I have had to try, this one is by far my favorite. My pup’s poo is very regular and not as smelly as it has been on other foods.

Daniel asks…

Is Natural Balance good dog food?

I am thinking about switching my dogs food again. I tried it once with Merrick and she got bad diarrhea from it so I stopped using it, but she does still like the merrick sausages. So I was reading people reviews about natural balance dog food and they all love it and also love the natural balance rolls. Does any of yous feed it or have good comments about it. I did read this one thing about how it was tainted the venison and brown rice dog food but it was from like 2 years ago. Thanks to everyone!

Jimmy answers:

Yes, NB is one of many good dog foods.

Choosing a brand of dog food can be such a headache! Do go to the dog food analysis site someone else mentioned.

Over the years I have fed so many brands! Eagle Pack Holistic, Chicken Soup, Wellness Fish and Potato, Innova, Evo, Solid Gold, Honest Kitchen, Canidae, Premium Edge…..and our prior dogs did quite well on all.

My current dog came down with colitis and long story short, after diddling around for around 8 months I chose NB Duck and Potato (novel protein, novel carb and has least number of ingredients) and she has done extremely well on it.

Every dog is a bit different

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