Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Analysis

Mary asks…

why is pedigree the worst dog food?

i just got some response from you guys saying that it is the worst dog and i will like to know why my dogs coat is very nice and glossy very soft and she is healthy and very muscular. if pedigree is a bad dog food then what brand is good?

Jimmy answers:

Pedigree is a low quality dog food because it uses ingredients that are hard for dogs to digest and give little to no nutritional value. Corn, wheat, and soy are cheap fillers dog food companies use instead of meat. They are some of the top causes of food allergies and usually just pass straight through the dog without adding anything to it’s diet. Pedigree and brands like it also use animal by products which can be harmful to your dog.

I’ve already given you a list of high quality brands and sites to help you find better foods twice but here it is again.

High Quality Foods:
Orijen- http://www.orijen.ca/orijen/about/
Natura (Innova, EVO, California Natural)- http://www.naturapet.com/
Blue Buffalo- http://www.bluebuff.com/
Merrick- http://www.merrickpetcare.com/
Canidae- http://www.canidae.com/
Solid Gold- http://www.solidgoldhealth.com/
Wellness Core- http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog_wellness_grain_index.html
Natural Balance- http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/
Taste of the Wild- http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul- http://www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com/
Or go raw- http://www.dogguide.net/raw-diet-basics.php



Look at Dog Food Project to learn how to identify high quality kibble and Dog Food Analysis to see how different dog foods rate on a scale of 1 to 6.

Nancy asks…

What is the best dog food?

I have a Bichon Shihzu mix that is prone to skin alergies. Our vet suggested Science diet but it didn’t help.

Jimmy answers:

There is no best dog food but everybody has an opinion. All commercially prepared dog foods provide 100% of dogs’ nutritional needs. The choices in dog foods are mainly sales gimmicks aimed at appealing to the dog’s owner. Really, choice is good so look at the label and get a brand that you are comfortable with. If you don’t like meat parts, get a brand with meat. If you don’t like corn, get a cornless brand. Just beware that, in dry dog foods, the main ingredient is ALWAYS grain – the trick used to get around the labeling laws is to use several grains, each reported individually, so that meat rises to the top of the label. Also, the main difference between “premium” brands and “commercial” brands is that premium brands are more concentrated, ie, you feed a little less. Price difference is mainly due to how they are marketed. If sold in a grocery store, price competition means that prices will be much lower then brands marketed exclusively in pet stores or by vets. Some of the increased cost is due to the more digestible ingredients (more concentrated) but the vast majority of the higher cost is due to marketing strategy. Also, the worst place to find information on brands are the comparison web sites – not one is a scientific analysis – all are opinions.

So, again, choose what you are most comfortable with just do so using solid research-based facts – not web site hear say.

EDIT: wheat, not corn, is the grain most likely to cause a grain-based food allergy and any grain can. More often though, is the protein source. However, food allergies are not all that common and the list of novel grains (a grain that a dog was never exposed to) and meats are short so it is best not to worry about it unless it has happened. If your dog has an allergy, it will be put on a diet of grains and meats never exposed to like sorgim and kangaroo then other ingredients will be added back until the culprit food is determined. Exposing your dog to unusual grains and meats makes finding a novel food that much harder to find.

Ken asks…

Top 5 Best Dog Food Brands?

In your opinion, of course! :D
Innova Evo
Go! Natural
Wellness Core
California Natural

Jimmy answers:

There are no top five because dogs are all different and require different things … The ones you have listed just look like the top according to the dog food analysis site and those are NOT top in any way … Orijen dog food has 40 percent meat protein when an average adult pet dog needs 18 percent … All the unused protein comes out as dark or loose stools and is hard of the dog to have to process … California natural used to be a good food before it sold out … Wellness core, again, too much protein for an average pet (34% protein which is almost double what an average pet needs) … Evo, i had my dog on the red meat small bites, protein content 42% !!! All the diarrhea was unpleasant … And go natural is the funniest of all because on their website state this:
“The Right Formula for the Right Reasons

Grain Free diets sold today have been marketed to emulate raw diets. These diets do not contain wheat, corn, barley, oats, rice or any other grains. However, in most cases today, grain free foods contain up to triple the amount of protein and fat commonly found in raw diets and double the amount found in conventional dry formulas.

Many veterinarians, nutritionists and consumers are uncomfortable with the extra load put on the kidneys and liver from the high levels of protein and fat found in most grain free diets today. The question is, are these concerns warranted? Contrary to consumer perception, raw diets today contain low to moderate levels of protein and fat. It is also a proven fact that excess amounts of protein found in foods for dogs are excreted through the system and wasted, while these same excess amounts can force the kidneys and liver to work harder than they are required to.”

but go naturals food is 34% protien which is almost double the required amount …

1. Evanger’s – http://www.evangersdogfood.com/dog/20136.html – wild salmon and that is it …
2. Evanger’s – http://www.evangersdogfood.com/dog/20101.html – all fresh vegetarian dinner …
3. First Mate – http://www.firstmate.com/dog_food.aspx?guid=38F-8C95EF820A13 – Pacific Ocean forumla
4. Wysong – http://www.wysong.net/products/vegan-natural-healthy-dog-cat-food.php#back – Vegan kibble to go with the wild salmon
5. Fresh raw salmon caught from the ocean that day …

These are the top five for my dog …

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