Discussing Questions And Answers About Dog Food Analysis

George asks…

is artemis good dog food?

is artemis good food i got the large breed puppy kind with meat turkey is it good? i am trying to switch from beneful becuz i heard it was horrible

Jimmy answers:

Yes, Artemis is a great dog food, it ranks 5 out of 6 on dog food analysis. There’s no grains and no meat by-products. Great job switching over to nutrional food. My mom put my Husky on Beneful when I was away in Basic Training. His coat was very dull, dry and he wasn’t as active. I have him on California Natural and he looks and feels better. Beneful has way too many grains and by the time that it gets to the meat there’s no nutrience. Science Diet, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Alpo, Pedigree are all crappy foods and have grains as well. Also watch out for food that has “Animal Fat”. You don’t know what kind of animal that is. It could be a Racoon, a dog, road kill; it could be anything. Also, the bad foods I posted werein 2007 they were in the most lethal recall list in pet food history! The FDA recieved 17,000 reports and of that 20% of them died. The companies were putting in very high levels of Melamine in the food so that they could say the food had a “High Protien”. Lol. Eww…I don’t care if that was 10 yrs ago! I still wouldn’t feed my dog that. Good luck!!!

Charles asks…

Royal Canin dog food?

I have been told that Royal Canin is bad dog food. Im currently feeding it to my 2 month old Miniature Schnauzer/ Yokrshire Terrier pup named Cocoa. Whats so bad about it and what is a good dog food brand? Please keep in mind that shes only a pup and doesnt have fully developed teeth yet.

Jimmy answers:

I couldn’t find it on dog food analysis.

It’s full of corn, fillers, bi-products, etc.. None of which should be part of your dogs diet.

I would switch to Canidae, wellness, EVO, or orijen.
Aviod ANY food you can get at the grocery store.

Just because it’s “vet recomeended” doesn’t make it good. My vet told me to feed Science Diet and I laughed at her.

Lisa asks…

Why won’t my dog eat dog food?

I recently found a stray dog. I took her to the vet and everything seems to be fine, but she won’t eat dog food. It seems like she was on a human food diet and never ate dog food. What can I do to get her to eat dog food? She’s a very small dog, by the way. She’ll eat treats, but just not dry dog food. I was thinking about canned dog food for her, but I heard it was bad for them. Is that true, also?
Marci, you obviously do not know best. Of course I did all of the things you mentioned, I do have a brain. No one responded to my signs for a week. If they were looking for their dog, they would have already found her. She wouldn’t have had loads of fleas or cuts everywhere.

I really like how people like you just assume things, without all of the facts. I asked one question about how to get her to eat and you decide to switch the subject. Please, if you’re going to answer someones question, answer it.

Thank you everyone else for your comments! I will try them all!

Jimmy answers:

What dog food are you feeding? Buy a holistic dog food that has proper pet nutrition and the dog will be enticed by the smell. Blue wilderness by blue buffalo is a wonderful brand. Look up analysis of food here: www.dogfoodanalysis.com . I bet your dog gobbles up all of the 6 star foods.

If not, try mixing wet food with dry food. Dry food does not have the intense smell that wet food does. My dog used to be a picky eater (till I realized I was feeding him a horrible food: science diet). I would mix 1 can of wet food with 1 can of water in a tupperware and use it as a gravy over his dry food. It was a cheap way of feeding him dry food…. 1 can of wet would last me around a week. If I bought wet food for every mean it would be $2 a day vs. 50 cents for dry food.

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